Healthy Greek Yogurt Snack Recipes

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Strawberry and Chocolate Greek Yogurt with Flaxseed Recipe

Want a healthy snack that will fill you up without filling you out? Try plain, non-fat (or low-fat) Greek yogurt! It’s super-packed with calcium and live bacterial cultures and it’s low in calories, making it a smart snack choice.

Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt

Greek yogurt differs from regular yogurt in a variety of ways. First off, Greek yogurt is strained extensively, which removes much of the sugar, liquid whey and lactose. This straining also gives it its thick consistency. So this Mediterranean delight packs twice as much protein and considerably less sugar, with about the same amount of calories, as regular yogurt.

But the differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt don’t end there. The fact that Greek yogurt is higher in protein means that it promotes a feeling of fullness. Greek yogurt also contains about half the carbohydrates of regular yogurt, since the straining process removes much of the milk sugar. And a serving of Greek yogurt averages 50 milligrams of sodium, which is about half the amount in most brands of regular yogurt. In addition, Greek yogurt contains about 20 percent of the daily recommendation of calcium. Just be sure to choose non-fat or reduced-far options, as regular Greek yogurt can be high in fat.

3 Greek yogurt recipes to try

As healthy as it is, plain Greek yogurt can be a little, well, plain. Pump up the flavor by adding fresh fruit, honey, agave nectar, chocolate or nuts. Tempted to try the split-cup yogurt/topping offerings at the store? Don’t be! Making your own is better for your body and your wallet (not to mention more fun!). Check out this cost comparison: A 6-oz. container of plain Greek yogurt costs about $1.99, compared to the same price for 5.3-oz split cups. Buy the larger containers and you’ll save even more. In addition, yogurt split cups are often high in sugar and preservatives.

Many people assume — wrongly — that healthy food is expensive and time consuming to prepare. Prove them wrong with these three Greek yogurt combos. Learn the steps to make each one by watching the video at the end of this post.

Strawberry and Chocolate Yogurt with Flaxseed

Strawberry and Chocolate Greek Yogurt with Flaxseed Recipe

Raw Honey & Sesame Seeds Yogurt with Flaxseed

Raw and Honey Sesame Seeds Greek Yogurt with Flaxseed Recipe

Raisins & Pomegranate Jelly with Flaxseed

Raisins and Pomegranate Jelly Greek Yogurt with Flaxseed Recipe

Follow along with this instructional video to learn how to make these recipes yourself!

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