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Hate Exercise? Get Hooked on ‘The Feeling’

Posted By Chris Freytag On April 15, 2009 @ 9:41 am In Fitness, Weight Loss | No Comments

istock_000002300898smallPropel Fitness Water used to run ads with the slogan, “FIT HAS A FEELING!” That slogan has really stuck with me because I believe it’s true: There is a feeling that comes with exercise. While you may not be able to put your finger on it, it’s there. When my alarm clock starts buzzing at 4:30 am, there is a feeling that makes me get up. It’s deep inside, but as tired as I may feel, I love getting out of bed to work out!

We all know that physical movement and getting your heart pumping is crucial for keeping your entire body healthy and fit, but FEELING fit goes beyond your physical health. Movement can be therapy; exercise can improve your mood and give you a general feeling of well being.

You’ve probably heard of a “runner’s high,” that euphoric feeling that happens after your first mile when your endorphins release and somehow you slip into a “happy place.” Endorphins are powerful hormone-like substances produced in the brain that function as the body’s own natural feel-good drug.

But you don’t have to be a runner to get those feelings of euphoria and general well being. All it takes is moderate amounts of exercise to experience the effects of endorphins. And as you form the habit of daily exercise [1], you just catch the “FIT has a FEELING” fever.

I have had several clients tell me when they start training with me, “I absolutely, positively hate to exercise.” Well, I’m always up for that challenge. After a few months of working with them, keeping them moving, and getting in their heads … they start to GET THE FEELING and become more motivated to exercise regularly [2]. One gal commented recently that missing a workout feels as bad as missing her cup of morning coffee. It’s just not an option. “Exercise was always on my list of the worst ways to spend my time,” she told me, “and I had no idea what they were talking about when I heard someone say ‘exercise high.’” Several months later and 35 lbs. lighter, she is feeling good and can’t wait to exercise — BECAUSE OF THE FEELING.

SO what comes first … the feeling or the weight loss? Well, they happen simultaneously, and no one ever says it’s easy at first. But within a short period of time, being fit feels good! Pay extra attention this week to how you feel before you work out or do anything active, vs. how you feel after. I’ll bet you’ll get—as that old song goes—”hooked on a feeling”!

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