Happy Chinese New Year – Bring the Energy and Passion of the Tiger Into Your Home

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Year of the TigerHappy Chinese New Year and the year of the Golden Tiger, which represents protection, courage and idealism. This passionate and honest creature is a radical (and welcome) change from that worrisome Ox of last year. We can all tap into the tiger’s vigorous hardworking energy to create a better world.

Transform your living space

There is a yin (female) energy rising this year that treasures eternal family values, which can easily be translated into honoring our home. Applying Feng Shui wisdom to this Tiger New Year we focus on the west side of our homes in particular. This is the perfect time to closely evaluate our western exposures – western walls for us apartment dwellers – and make any necessary improvements in this area. Clean, repair, paint and fix up this area to support the tiger mythology of protection ~ from fire (aggression), thieves (lies), and ghosts (negative associations). Who wants or needs any of those things?

Clear out the clutter

For many reasons, sentimental and otherwise, many of us ‘hold on’ to items that no longer serve us. It is particularly troublesome in our apartments where there is a lack of closet space and storage areas. This clutter can overwhelm a space and strangle our chi. I adhere to the strict rule ‘if it isn’t pretty, I don’t want to see it’, and luckily, there are a gazillion beautiful storage options out there! Of course it is best to first sort through all the stuff and give away, donate, and toss whatever is no longer working in any way: color, fit, outdated, etc. This is a good time to enroll the help of a ruthless ‘get-rid-of-it’ mentality friend, or hire a professional organizer (I work with many).

The quick and inexpensive solution: paint.

Now that we have whittled down all the excess we should be left with a few beautiful items and place them accordingly, considering balance, scale and color. One of the freshest ways to enliven a space is to paint it. Always use a low or no VOC (bad stuff) paint; there are many healthier paint options in every price and color range. There are also many talented trades folks giving bargains on their talent due to our economy.

There are many ways of creating a more beautiful, loving (and healthy) home. Knowing that everything (ourselves included), are all works in progress, helps to keep us going in the right direction. Also by transforming one area at a time (west), the task is more do-able. The more we understand and honor our natural and greater world the more comfortable we become with the changing nature of our lives.

New moons are always about beginnings, this is a perfect time to plant some auspicious seeds of your own, and watch your happiness grow!

Let your VITAL tiger energy roar!  Vitalize your Home and Vitalize your life!

“It is better to have lived one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep.” — Tibetan proverb


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