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Green TV

Posted By E.B. Boyd On April 22, 2009 @ 1:48 pm In Green Living | No Comments

You’ve been doing your part to go green — clearing your clutter [1], switching out your bath products [2], and figuring out how to recycle everything [3]. Now it’s your turn to take a break and watch what other people are doing to go green. Here are a few shows worth tuning into:

National Geographic’s “Garbage Moguls” [4]

This new reality series features the TerraCycle guys [5] figuring out how to take everyday garbage — cookie wrappers, billboards — and turn them into useable products, like kites and messenger bags.

Now running on television on the National Geographic Channel.

Planet Green’s “Greensburg” [6]

In 2007, a massive tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg, KS. Literally. Ninety-five percent of the buildings were irreparably damaged. Since they had to start from scratch anyway, the town’s residents decided to rebuild green [7]. Discovery’s Planet Green filmed the whole thing in a 13-part series.

Available on DVD [8].

Newbury Film Series’ “Waste?” [9]

A scrappy team from Boston has created a series of Web-based vignettes about people who are redefining the meaning of waste: A conservatory-trained musician scours junk yards for metal castoffs that can produce tones not available in traditional instruments; a Colorado brewing company treats their waste water with devices powered from methane gas released from the waste water; an architect uses discarded tires, cans, and bottles to build off-the-grid [10] housing.

Available online [11].

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