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You’ve been doing your part to go green — clearing your clutter, switching out your bath products, and figuring out how to recycle everything. Now it’s your turn to take a break and watch what other people are doing to go green. Here are a few shows worth tuning into:

National Geographic’s “Garbage Moguls”

This new reality series features the TerraCycle guys figuring out how to take everyday garbage — cookie wrappers, billboards — and turn them into useable products, like kites and messenger bags.

Now running on television on the National Geographic Channel.

Planet Green’s “Greensburg”

In 2007, a massive tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg, KS. Literally. Ninety-five percent of the buildings were irreparably damaged. Since they had to start from scratch anyway, the town’s residents decided to rebuild green. Discovery’s Planet Green filmed the whole thing in a 13-part series.

Available on DVD.

Newbury Film Series’ “Waste?”

A scrappy team from Boston has created a series of Web-based vignettes about people who are redefining the meaning of waste: A conservatory-trained musician scours junk yards for metal castoffs that can produce tones not available in traditional instruments; a Colorado brewing company treats their waste water with devices powered from methane gas released from the waste water; an architect uses discarded tires, cans, and bottles to build off-the-grid housing.

Available online.


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