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Green Beer: Not Just for St. Patrick’s Day

Posted By Ginny Figlar Colón On March 10, 2014 @ 2:40 pm In Green Living | 4 Comments

[1]When I told my husband I picked up some green beer, he assumed I meant a brew reserved for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day [2] (which is strange since I usually don’t even wear green that day).

No, I bought the other kind of green beer: eco-beer — extra refreshing whether it’s March 17 or any other day. I don’t remember ever seeing ecological beer in the States, so I was intrigued when I saw the label while living in Sweden last year.

Turns out the market for organic beer is growing in the U.S., from $9 million in beer sales in 2003 to $25 million in 2006, according to the Organic Trade Association. Today, it’s fairly easy to find an organic beer stocked in most large liquor stores. Look for New Belgium’s Mothership Wit [3], Otter Creek’s Wolaver’s [4] or Samuel Smith’s Organic Ales and Lagers [5], to name a few. (But, beware — the USDA does not require that brewers use organic hops for their beer to be labeled organic [6], so look for that.)

No green brews near you? Don’t worry. You can still drink a little greener, no matter what kind of beer you pick.

  • Choose cans over bottles. Cans are much more efficient when shipping because they are lighter and more stackable. And they’re not just reserved for mass-market beers like Coors and Budweiser. Colorado brewery Oscar Blues distributes all of their brews only in cans [7], and you can even find New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ale [8] in cans now.
  • Drink local [9]. Coloradans, Oregonians, Californians and Vermontians, you have loads of beers produced in your state. Choosing one made close to home, instead of an import, reduces your beverage’s carbon footprint.
  • Buy in bulk. Well, sort of. The principle applies to beer, too, when you fill up a growler at a local brewpub and eliminate packaging [10].

Of course, brewing your own beer [11] with organic hops would be the ultimate in sustainable beer drinking, and someday I hope to try it. How about you? Will you be drinking greener this St. Patrick’s Day?

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