Grace Under Fire: Finding the Courage Within to Make a Change

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Grace Under Fire

by Tania Kazi

There comes a time in life when the old ways begin to peel and shed away.

This happens when you start to notice one too many undesirable patterns recurring in your life. You vow to change things, but the patterns keep reemerging with renewed force. The wise thing to do, one hears, is to step back, take a deep breath and reaffirm your intent to break away from the pattern. To stop doing that which repeatedly gives birth to an environment that accentuates the gray and uncertain hues of life in the core of your existence. This is where courage comes in. Lots of it.

We set out wanting to change others, but no such thing exists. It’s true what the sages say: All we can really do is attempt to change ourselves. Once we embark on that path, and work diligently and with mindfulness, those around us immediately begin to respond to us differently. Because now, what we are putting out to others is different from what we have offered up in the past. A new approach results in a new response. A new sequence of events unfolds. This is inevitable. But this is where all the courage, all the strength and all the faith within yourself is called upon.

It is not easy to be the watchdog over your thoughts or to hold yourself back every time you find yourself reacting in a way you know is harmful. To be ahead of a thought is not easy, but it is imperative for great change. To hold emotions in check, because we know that an emotional reaction more often than not renders an undesirable result. Keeping that in mind, holding oneself back when the urge to react kicks in, and instead offering something to the ‘antagonist’ out of kindness, will immediately evoke a different response.

This is when things begin to change. This is when the ‘titanic’ that is our personality, and our ways of being over the years, begin to consciously steer toward a different direction. It’s a mammoth ship and takes much patience, courage and perseverance, but it happens. It comes — it always does — and when it does, you feel liberated, elevated. Because being mindful of our responses before we utter them does create a different environment. And that will set off a different set of responses, which will undoubtedly change the course of future events and interactions.

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