Good News: Whale-Inspired Yoga, Pregnant Bellies Become Art

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | February 20th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Nico the Beluga Whale at the Georgia Aquarium

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Green Living

Is Your Grocery Bill Determined by the Neighbourhood In Which You Live?

It’s easy to assume that people who live in remote communities pay significantly more for food, especially perishable groceries. But a new study shows that prices for healthy food fluctuates wildly even in cities no more than an hour apart in more populated areas. (TreeHugger)

Urban Composting: A New Can of Worms

An increasing number of New Yorkers have been taking up the challenge of turning their fruit skins and eggshells into nutritious compost. (The New York Times)

Mind-Body Fitness

Beluga Whales Serve as Inspiration for Yoga Class at Georgia Aquarium

There’s cobra, cat and downward dog. Now, the world’s largest aquarium is introducing a new animal to complement centuries-old yoga poses — the playful and graceful beluga whale. (CNN)

10 Reasons Your Workouts Aren’t Working

If your body isn’t as lean or toned as you’d like, it may be that you’re committing some key training mistakes, which can sabotage the efforts of even veteran exercisers. (Shape)

Health & Wellness

Going Vegetarian? Make a Plan for Success

There’s more to being a vegetarian than cutting meat from the menu. With a little planning, you can follow a vegetarian diet that meets all of your nutritional needs. (Organic Authority)

Physical Therapy and the Camaraderie of Healing

The pain of physical therapy is often soothed by the family of people who make up a session. (The New York Times)

Personal Growth

Turning Pregnant Bumps Into Art

Women in Wales are offering their “blank canvas” for face painter Erica Norman, who has begun a pregnant bump-painting service. (BBC)

Do Dreams Reveal Hidden Truths?

Everybody dreams, but just what do our dreams mean? The question is still hotly debated by dream researchers, but a study shows most people outside the field seem to have made up their minds (WebMD)

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  1. I love integrating concepts of creativity into her yoga practice/teaching and finds her writing is influenced by yoga and meditation.Whales are magnificent, mysterious, beautiful and unbelievably lovable – cute animal type of love, but the completely awe-inspiring love that opens you up to the absolute mystery of life. this is what whales and yoga have in common… Through diving deep into the oceans of life – actually and metaphorically – we come to an awe-filled appreciation for the mystery of life, its beauty and its vastness.

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