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‘Good Enough’: Better than Guilt-Induced Inaction

Posted By Chris Freytag On April 7, 2009 @ 3:19 pm In Fitness, Health & Wellness | 1 Comment

istock_000007010512smallI am an addicted multitasker. Sometimes I feel really good about that — and sometimes not so much. Many of us can survive on very little sleep to pull off an important project at work, prepare a holiday dinner for 20 relatives, coordinate the entire family’s events while still doing laundry, paying the bills, helping with homework … Yet often we feel it isn’t good enough; we should have been able to do more … like fit in a workout [1]. Ironically, guilt, failure and regret leave us feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. So when you find yourself in “not good enough” mode, take a deep breath and take action.

We need to give ourselves a break every so often and pat ourselves on the back for all we juggle. Our kids will grow to know we love them even if we lose our temper, forget to give them lunch money or miss one of their sporting events. Our email will be there tomorrow, and you can check your Facebook or send a “tweet” in the morning.

Now apply this to your state of fitness and well-being: Use the power of positive thinking [2] to get rid of the negative emotions and start adding movement and healthy eating [3] into your life. Even if you feel overwhelmed with your life, squeeze in 5–10 minutes for yourself. Take a quick walk at lunch or do some squats and jumping jacks while the baby naps. Most important, get past the idea that if you don’t have an hour to work out, it won’t be good enough.

Embrace whatever time you can and take positive action to move your body and maintain your health [4]. I know it’s hard, but if you keep raising the bar on your standards for what you think you should be able to do each day, negative emotions can become your roadblock. Be OK with your decision to exercise for 10 minutes [5] on Monday. Because if it met your standards, you can move on with positive feelings. Maybe Tuesday will be a more leisurely day and a 30 minute power walk [6] will be achievable.

My point is not to set low standards for yourself — but rather to “Just do it”: Just move, and move often! As it becomes more natural and routine, like tucking your kids into bed, you’ll do it without even thinking … Now that’s good enough for me!

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