Give Thanks for Who You Are

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | November 24th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Happy Thanksgiving! Earlier in the month, I invited you to create the holiday of your dreams. A holiday filled with love, peace and harmony. As you move into the holiday, I want to take this opportunity to give thanks for you. Your presence on this planet is essential, and I am grateful that you continue to be willing to shine your light.

I want to remind you how wonderful you are. I invite you to stop in this moment and really recognize the gift that you are. Think about the people in your life that count on your generosity of spirit, your loving heart and your kindness. Think about the joy that your laughter brings. Reflect on the skills that you bring to your job. Appreciate the creativity that you exude when you sing, paint, dance or write. Contemplate how many lives you touch each and every day. Wow! You are a miraculous unfolding that makes a difference.

The world needs you

During this holiday season, I hope that you will remember who you are. If there is a moment that feels uncomfortable or challenging, please bring your thoughts to this article. You are not alone. The darkness always comes before the dawn.

I am thrilled to stand with you and declare that you are here because the world needs you, your talents and your essence. Please never forget that. There is no one and no thing that can ever change that Truth. There has never been anything that can diminish your eternal light. You are the energy of the universe made manifest. Therefore, you MUST be powerful and mighty.

Claim your magnificence and radiate your beauty wherever you may be during this Thanksgiving. Activate gratitude and watch how every experience begins to reveal grace.

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I stand in full celebration of the gift that I am. I give thanks for my life and spread joy and peace wherever I am!


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