Gifts of Green Gear: 8 Cool Ideas

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It’s mid-December, and you’re still not sure what to get your sweetie? Try one of these green tech goodies.

Solar Gorilla, $250

Solar chargers are constantly getting bigger and better. The Solar Gorilla can charge portable electronics as big as your laptop when you’re far from an outlet — say, on safari or a mountaintop. You will need to have sun or another light source available, though, because the Solar Gorilla doesn’t come with a battery for storage. That’s extra, at about $300. Also check out the PowerDock, Universal Solar Charger and the Solio Portable Electronics Charger.

Sustainable Cork Cover for your iPhone, $20

Your sweetie might already have a run-of-the-mill silicone or leather case for their iPhone, but nothing says “green” and “earth steward” like a sustainable cork iPhone case.

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries, $18

If you’re like me, you have a bunch of used batteries piling up somewhere waiting to be taken to the store for disposal and ratcheting up your guilt for not using rechargeable batteries. Save your sweetie the guilt and get them these stylish USBCell rechargeable batteries instead. The tops open up to reveal a USB drive which you plug into your computer for a charge.

Kill-a-Watt, $16

Got a green-minded data geek in the house? Give them a Kill-a-Watt energy usage monitor to find out exactly how much energy each one of your appliances and gadgets is using. It could provide the boost you (or they) need to start plugging your electronics into a power strip or, if you’ve got the dough these days, upgrade to a more energy efficient appliance.

Fountain Jet Home Seltzer Maker, $80

Your sweetie loves their bubbly water, but you hate the amount of bottles it makes them go through (not to mention the expense of buying water by the bottle and the pain involved in lugging it all home). Soda Club’s Fountain Jets let you fizz up your water in the comfort of your own kitchen. The kit comes with a seltzer machine, bottles and gas cartridges so you can get bubbling immediately.

H-Racer Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car, $110

Sure, anyone can get their kid a racecar. But how about a racecar powered by a hydrogen fuel cell? Say goodbye to batteries and rev up using a water-fueled, solar-powered hydrogen station instead. Sporty and educational. Besides, with the amount kids are learning about the environment in schools these days, your kid will probably be the one explaining to you exactly how that hydrogen fuel gets produced.

I-Zip EZ Go Hybrid Electric Bike, $789 (Pictured above)

As a biker in hilly San Francisco, there are times when my quads could use a little extra boost. Which is why a hybrid electric bike sounds tantalizing. One of the most practical on the market is the I-Zip EZ Go, which not only comes with battery power, but also is collapsible, so you can take it on public transportation when you need to go a little farther. Also check out the UrbanMover Sprite Electric Bicycle.

Tango, $40,000

Granted, a car is probably not on your shopping list. But if it were, you might want to take a look at the tiny Tango, the goofy-looking, ultra-narrow, two-door, electric commuter car that just recently performed neck-in-neck in a drag race with the sporty Tesla Roadster. Sure, the Tango is only available in kit form today — meaning you have to spend about a day finishing the assembly. But, hey, that’s probably the amount of time you’d spend trying to figure out how to put together your kid’s new bike, and think about how much farther the Tango will get you.

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