Top 5 Favorites: Walking Workouts

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Walking Workouts

I love walking — outside, on a treadmill, whatever — but I have a little problem commonly known as lack of motivation. On days when it’s cold outside, or drizzly, or appears to be either of the above, I am easily dissuaded from working out … and easily persuaded to sleep the extra half hour instead. But I hate the “no cookie for you today” feeling of regret that not working out brings.

Lucky for me (and you!), has a ton of great walking workout videos. They’re perfect for working out at home — no weather restrictions, no too-loud-for-the-downstairs-neighbors cardio; just fun routines for burning calories.

My favorites combine upper-body strengthening with the lower-body workout. If they have gorgeous scenery, so much the better! These videos eliminate my excuses and, in time, my jeans size. Here are my top five favorites from Gaiam TV. I’m confident you’ll find at least one in here that will tempt you to pick up the pace.

Walk, Sculpt & Tone

Walk Sculpt ToneDebbie Rocker is such a good instructor, and her choreography keeps things interesting. Plus, she really knows what works for the body. She is, after all, a world record holder in cycling, former competitive swimmer and tennis player, and she helped develop Spinning classes. Try the 30-minute segment first.

Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds – Super Fat Burning

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the PoundsYou can’t help but like Leslie Sansone. So positive and inspiring! I especially appreciate that this video features people of all sizes – it really feels like you’re in a class full of friends. This 49-minute, 3-mile walk is measured by a “mile meter” so you know how much you’ve accomplished.

Total Body Challenge: Walk — Abs Workout

Total Body Challenge WalkDoes Debbie Rocker ever workout somewhere that’s not jaw-droppingly beautiful? What gorgeous scenery! This 20-minute workout focuses on the core with kickboxing and other combinations that keep your heart rate up while whittling your middle. You’ll need a fitness band to make the most of this awesome routine.

AM & PM Walking for Weight Loss: AM Walking

AM PM WalkingThis is a great idea: an energizing workout for the morning, and a relaxing workout for the evening. The AM segment is a half hour of steady-pace walking and lunges, which are designed to burn a lot of calories while being gentle on your joints. Very invigorating!

Tina Vindum Nordic Walking Poles: Sculpting Workout

Walking Poles WorkoutI totally want Tina Vindum’s legs, and if this is what it takes to get them, then I’m doing it. While not a cardio workout, this 15-minute sculpting segment makes smart addition to your walking routine. I like to follow this program at home after I get back from a walk, using a yoga strap plus a chair for support.

You might be surprised at the big fitness gains you can achieve just by walking when you follow some of these workouts. I’d love to know which are your favorites — please leave a comment below and share your walking tips!


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