Gaiam Goes for Green with DVD Eco-Packages

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Good things come in green packages — and now that includes DVDs.

Building on a full circle of walk-our-talk green business actions at Gaiam, now we’re first out of the gate in transitioning many of our popular DVD titles away from the ubiquitous plastic DVD case to advanced eco-friendly packages. Our new green DVD boxes are the most innovative media packaging around, made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and 100 percent recyclable materials all the way from the inner DVD tray (which is typically made of plastic even in paperboard disc packaging) to the exterior of the case to the shipping envelope. It’s even printed with soy-based ink and natural dyes.

We also moved to a 30 percent smaller overall package size for our Spiritual Cinema Circle and Earth Cinema Circle DVDs, which are shipped directly to members who’ve subscribed to these movies-by-mail services by these Gaiam companies. And the green goes on: With each Earth Cinema Circle subscription, Gaiam also donates a portion of proceeds to its Go Zero carbon-neutral shipping program, planting trees that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help in the fight against global warming.

What a cool example of innovation and the promise it holds to make our way of life on this planet closer to sustainable. Even as companies like and lunchbox brands are sponsoring eco-packaging contests, our own package design and production team is fielding calls from consumers and businesses asking how Gaiam has already done it. The answer is that we’ve made a commitment from the top down to reduce our paper trail in every way possible, and the very smart people in our package design and production teams worked proactively with eco-package manufacturers to test and refine earth-friendly materials and package formats. The result is an easy-on-the-eyes, easy-on-the-planet alternative to the current industry standard, the plastic DVD package known in the industry as an Amaray case.

Eco-packaging is “the most visible and immediate way to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability,” says Gaiam’s Bill Sondheim, president of retail distribution. “Being the first to implement it, we hope the impact of this eco-conscious move will lead other DVD producers and distributors down a similar path.”

Gaiam’s “green sleeves” seem poised to do just that: The Video Business “Green Report” announced our new eco-packaging prior to covering eco-improvements by the likes of Warner Home Video and The Learning Channel.“I think we have a real winner here,” Sondheim said in the article. “It’s a beautiful solution for the industry.”

Gaiam fitness DVDs in the initial launch of the new green packaging include:

Mayo Clinic Wellness DVD series

Simple Steps to a Balanced, Natural Pregnancy

Simple Steps to Looking 10 Years Younger

Simple Steps to Natural, Delicious Cooking

Simple Steps to a Greener Home

Kickbox: Core Cross Train

Dance: Core Cross Train


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