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Students at J.A. Rogers Academy in Kansas City, Mo., try out fitness tools donated by Gaiam.

From inner-city schools to homeless shelters to hospitals, Gaiam has donated yoga mats, fitness tools, BalanceBall chairs, bedding, water bottles, cleaning supplies, solar-powered gadgets and more to those in need in Colorado (where Gaiam’s headquarters are located) and other states throughout the U.S.

“Gaiam gives several donations every week,” says staffer Kate Weaver. “It’s heart-warming to see how many different organizations we are able to reach.”

Some of the groups and organizations Gaiam has donated to include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, military personnel, private and public schools, athletic events, Girl Scout troops, daycare centers, nurses, occupational therapists, summer camps, health and wellness conferences, animal rescue groups, cancer research programs, yoga centers, special needs organizations and nonprofits.

Here are just a few of Gaiam’s memorable donations from the past few years:

Gaiam annual giving tree

During the holiday season, Gaiam employees purchase gifts for local children and seniors in need through the City and County of Broomfield’s Holiday Giving Tree. So far, Gaiam employees have given hundreds of gifts to those in need.

Yoga mats to the Navy

Gaiam sent yoga mats to a military and civilian team helping with reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. The yoga equipment was added to the team’s small gym to help promote health and wellness for the military personnel.

Yoga mats and other supplies to earthquake victims in Haiti

Gaiam donated 200 yoga mats as well as solar-powered radios and flashlights to those left homeless by the earthquake in Haiti. In addition, the company worked with Ohio-based Matthew 25 Ministries to donate more than 50 pallets of goods worth almost $175,000 from the Gaiam Distribution Center to the ministries’ Haiti relief efforts.

Cleaning supplies to an animal shelter

Gaiam provided eco-friendly cleaning supplies to Cavy Care Inc., a nonprofit organization in Aurora, Colo., dedicated to providing shelter, care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted guinea pigs.

Yoga straps to nonprofit for high-risk youth

Gaiam gave yoga straps to a beginning yoga class at the Third Way Center in Englewood, Colo., a nonprofit organization that helps high-risk, homeless, mentally ill and disadvantaged youth.

Supplies to tornado victims

Gaiam employees donated bedding, personal care products, toys, clothing and other items as well as money and gift cards to tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and paid to ship the boxes to aid workers in the southern state.

Thanksgiving meals to the poor

Donating hundreds of turkeys to the Denver Rescue Mission, Gaiam helps provide Thanksgiving meals to the poor and homeless in the Denver area. Read more about Gaiam’s Thanksgiving donations.

School supply drive

Every September, Gaiam staffers contribute fully-stocked backpacks to the Crayons to Calculators school supply drive, which provides backpacks to children in need to start their school year off right. Not only do our employees donate cash, backpacks and school supplies, but they also have the opportunity to take paid time off to volunteer for the event — stuffing and delivering the backpacks to local schools.


  1. My name is MSgt Chris Eder and I would like the opportunity to introduce Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. In 2009, two USMC Veterans parlayed their experience in the Marine Corps with 20 years worth of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry to create this vision. Since then, we have provided over $500,000 worth ofFREE Health & Wellness services to Wounded Warriors and rely on support and partnership from individuals and organizations to move our mission forward and forge mutually beneficial relationships.

    We offer several free (weekly/monthly) yoga for vets classes across the U.S. as well as quarterly Warrior Resiliency Days to large populations. (100+) Over the past several months, we’ve been able to outfit our teachers with yoga mats from various charitable orgs, but have not been able to get any props, ie: blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets. Some of our wounded populations in Bethesda, Quantico and Camp Lejurne really depend on heavily propped classes. We’re currently bring our gear to these warriors, which limits the amount of students we can impact at any one time. I’m hoping you might be willing to donate some accessories to help support our mission. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    MSgt Chris Eder, USAF
    SFHW Public Affairs Officer/Staff Yoga Director
    Certified Vinyasa and Hatha Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor
    Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness TM
    A Nonprofit Organization providing Health & Wellness Solutions to our Nation’s Wounded Warriors, Active Duty/Reserve Military, Veterans, First Responders and their families.

    MSgt Chris Eder | June 23rd, 2012 | Comment Permalink
  2. Hi,
    I am a student a fantastic yoga studio called Yoga Seed Collective. The Yoga Seed Collective is a 501(C)3 organization. They are Sacramento, California’s only non-profit studio! I have been out of work and unable to find a job for over a year now and these fabulous people allow me to attend classes a few times a week although I am unable to make any contribution to them! If it were not for this studio I would have lost my sanity long ago. They are a terrific group of people and do a lot of community outreach to Veterans, the homeless, people struggling with addiction and mental health issues. They allow everyone that attends the studio to borrow mats, blocks & straps at no additional cost.
    They are about to celebrate their second anniversary and so, their mats are a bit worn out. I want to give back to this community and since I am unable to contribute financially, I am asking if you would be so kind as to donate mats to them.
    PLEASE consider my request and feel free to contact me should you like anymore information or if there is anything that I can do to facilitate this donation.
    You can check the studio out at :

    Kris | October 1st, 2012 | Comment Permalink

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