Gaiam Fans Share Fave Yoga Poses to Win Our “Dream Yoga Mat” Contest

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Inspired by Kate Hanley’s blog post on finding her “Dream Yoga Mat,” yesterday we decided to give six lucky Facebook fans and Twitter followers the chance to win a dream yoga mat of their own. We simply asked them to answer the question, “What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?” We expected great answers, and our friends surprised us with so much more.

More than 75 fans and followers posted their favorite yoga poses on Twitter and Facebook — and shared the beautiful, powerful and inspiring reasons they enjoy those poses so much.

A big thanks to everyone who participated! We’re very excited to see people of so many different walks of life integrating yoga into their lifestyles, and the positive impact this practice has had on their health and well-being.

Check out these amazing responses from our winners, who each won their choice of an Earth Lovers Yoga Mat, Stay-Put Sticky Yoga Mat, or a Premium Eco Yoga Mat.


Anna Berezina

“My absolute favorite is Dancer, with all its variation. It gives you flexibility, balance and opens your heart. I have pictures of myself in that asana from all over the world: from Kripalu, to Yosemite to a Siberian river shore!”

Mandi Outlaw

“My favorite pose is the goddess pose. It makes me feel centered and powerful.”

Reid Ackley Sullivan

“I love Mountain Pose best because I can use it to help me find my strength, at any point in the day, by connecting to the Earth, opening my chest and remembering to stand tall.”



“My fave yoga pose is child’s pose, because it’s a peaceful place to be in, and brings mind/body back into harmony.”


“Savasana – it’s the only posture where I can feel the Love trying to burst out of my body through every pore, into everyone”


“my fav yoga pose is Adho Mukha Vrksasana b/c finding it has taken yrs of patience & more importantly it pulls me to overcome my fears”

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a response! Don’t miss out on the next chance to win cool stuff from Gaiam. Become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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