Gaiam Employees Harvest Fruits & Veggies from Organic Garden

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | September 18th, 2009 | 3 Comments
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Gaiam garden volunteers have harvested and enjoyed a bounty of delicious organic fruits and veggies this summer from the Gaiam community garden at our headquarters in Boulder, Colo.

We began harvesting our plentiful red-leaf lettuce in June and now have a healthy new crop of green-leaf lettuce.

“I can report that the lettuce is amazing and delicious. I’ve made some incredible salads,” says Siona van Dijk, a member of the Gaiam garden group. “We’ve got an abundance of earwigs, too, but  we’ve been able to rinse them out before anyone’s had an accidental snack.”


Our zucchini has been especially popular among garden volunteers.

“We’ve had lots of zucchini, so that is allowing us to pick them when they are rather small. They are tastier and more tender than the baseball-bat sized ones you normally see,” says Kate Weaver, a lead garden volunteer. She recommends slicing them thin, long-ways, so they don’t have that coarse texture.

Our tomato plants are huge and loaded with both cherry and heirloom tomatoes. Travis Stevens, another lead garden volunteer, explains how we grew such strong tomato plants: When the plant first started blooming, we picked the buds so it could focus its energy on growing instead of on producing fruit. Once it grew 2 to 3 feet, we let the plant start producing tomatoes.

Other veggies and herbs we have harvested include basil, lemon basil, cilantro, beets and carrots. We planted some sugar snap peas, parsnips and cabbage last week — hopefully they will grow before the first frost.

We have also added four wine caskets with rhubarb, flowers and herbs, and planted a rose bush in the perennials section. Our orange and yellow marigolds and pink and purple cosmos add a beautiful splash of color to our garden.


  1. I just stopped by from Yahoo to say thanks for this very informational post on organic gardening. Thanks again!

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  3. thank’s for the sharing, that’s is very insteresting for us to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables in our veggie garden is not only good for the body’s health, but it is great for mental health.

    dhani w | May 11th, 2014 | Comment Permalink

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