First Date with Organic Cotton

Girlfriend@Gaiam by Girlfriend@Gaiam | April 13th, 2010 | 6 Comments
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OK, so I know organic food is better for you. But I have to admit I thought organic cotton clothing was something for the very rich and picky.

Then a few months ago I laid eyes on a T-shirt I loved that was made of organic cotton, and it didn’t look snobbish at all. It was cute and had a great line: Peace. And it helps support charities, too.

It felt right … and I had a mild version of that first-date feeling wearing it around — my heart on my sleeve.

“What do you think?” I asked my girlfriends that first day.

“Fabulous!” they’d say. “Great color on you, too.”

Of course I pointed out my new love interest’s organic-ness, which elicited reactions like, “Right on” and “You go, girl!” I’m pretty sure most of them made notes-to-self: Organic tees are too cool for school.

There was no turning back after that. I was smitten and fully committed to this tee. It is one of the most ridiculously soft and comfortable tees I’ve owned — and comfortable is good in a relationship. But would it be around for the long haul? Would I reach for it in good times and bad?

I wondered. So I put my OC tee through the ringer. I even wore it to my bootcamp class. And I washed the heck out of it. It just gets softer and more lovable, its patience with my demanding behavior showing no signs of wearing thin.

Then I met a chunky organic cotton convertible sweater, and I couldn’t help myself. I feel warm and safe in its arms. Plus I think we look pretty cute together. Do I feel guilty two-timing my tee with my new flame? Heck no — it’s organic. In fact, I think I’m ready to take this relationship to the next level: my bedroom.


  1. Organic cotton tees are so comfy! And you’re SO right-they keep getting more comfy with each wash!

    bernadette | March 19th, 2009 | Comment Permalink
  2. Heck, twice. He he. Well heck ya, girlfriend, where does one go looking for an organic hook up? Are there specialty stores, or do you just have to just check out all the labels? Where is your favorite place to check out organic wares?

    Suzanne | August 13th, 2009 | Comment Permalink
  3. Hi! I am curios to try organic tees. Where can i buy it online? Do you have any idea?

    oxygen energy | April 13th, 2010 | Comment Permalink
  4. We bought our first set of organic sheets for Christmas last year. They are so soft that I had to get some for my grandson’s crib. Go Organic!

    FatFighter | April 14th, 2010 | Comment Permalink
  5. Love really is the answer to human problems: love of oneself, love of others, love of where one is, love of what one is doing, love of nature, love of life, love of the world, love of spirit in all its wonder and splendor. Love sets our energy free. It opens us and puts us in a flow with spirit and life on many levels. Love is the true secret behind manifestation.

    sameer | May 13th, 2010 | Comment Permalink
  6. So recently at South Beach I was approached by a young lady who asked me to survey her new line of Organic Tees. I don’t know what impressed me the most, the maturity of this 20 yr old with such an ambitious idea or the softness, quality and cool/corky young vibe of her Tees. I did end of purchasing one, and honestly it’s so soft and less irritating on my skin than some of my other “old” Tee’s.

    We need to support our young entrepreneur, it’s people like her making subtle changes, that will eventually make big impacts! Check out her site, show your support,

    Lisa | November 4th, 2012 | Comment Permalink

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