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EnvelopeDear Arielle and Brian,

I was married for 30 years and it was always a difficult relationship. I learned many important life lessons throughout it all — even how to forgive betrayal, though we eventually divorced. For the past seven years I have been enjoying my single life, meeting lots of new friends, traveling, redecorating my home, growing spiritually … but this past summer I found out that my ex, now 59, had been living with a woman 20 years younger than him, and she is having his child. (We have two children together, now ages 27 and 29.) The idea that he had started over with a new family hit me hard and brought up much anger, resentment and feelings that he doesn’t deserve happiness. I know this is selfish and un-Christian of me but this is how I am feeling right now. I am in therapy and I have spiritual direction as well, but how do I get to forgiveness? I really want to manifest a new soulmate!

God bless you!


Dear Abigail,

Forgiveness is one of the most important steps to manifesting new love.

Good for you for realizing the need to forgive and release your ex-husband and for putting yourself into the hands of a good therapist. While getting to forgiveness is often a slow process, here’s one exercise to help you do it: Write him a letter. In this letter you get to tell him the WHOLE TRUTH about how much he hurt you. Let it rip because you are never, ever going send him this letter but you are going to purge your soul of all the anger, sadness and pain he caused you. Then, you are going to channel him. By using your imagination, you are going to write a letter from him to you and he is going to share with you his experience of being with you. You got to speak your truth, now he gets to speak his. At the end of both letters simply write: I now forgive you, I forgive myself, and I set you free.

WHY are you going to do this forgiveness process?

Because you are ready for love and you believe your soulmate is out there.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Arielle and Brian

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