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Find Hope in Your Dream

Posted By Gwen Lawrence On May 18, 2012 @ 4:09 pm In Personal Growth, Relationships | 1 Comment

tulip [1]

We all need it, we all have it, we all draw from it, we all seek it, and without it there is nothing left: hope [2].

The ability to persevere comes from inside — it is a part of you. When life throws you a curveball [3], when your path becomes a grinding mountain instead of a downhill glide, when there seems there is no way out, you must draw from your inner well of hope.

Whether to fulfill our goals [4] or to fight to survive, we all draw from our same inner supply of hope. It is the first thing we should teach our children. Hope is a necessary component of survival and as sweet as hoping for a shiny red bicycle for Christmas.

For me, hope is the ability to maintain my standards of greatness while setting goals to attain the life I dream of. It has been a life of struggling to put childhood trauma aside and learning to believe that the world is a good place and a place I can make even better. Hope, trust, love, goal, desire and destination are all one in the same. For some it is prayer, for the root of prayer is hope [5].

Since I was a child, I trusted that my karmic debt was paid and that the obstacles ahead were mine to maneuver. Whether you are a seasoned athlete [6] or have a serious disability [7], you can make your way around, under and through the hurdles of difficulty, threat, abuse, fear and trauma with the pure ability to hope.

Hope as a building block

My mother once told me that if she hadn’t named me Gwen, she would have named me Hope. This is so ironic: I now know it is an inner, endless supply of hope that has allowed me to release the fear and mistrust [8] that sprang from the trauma of childhood abuse. Hope was and is my personal building block [9], one that I used to climbed out of despair and terror and into a world where I design my own outcomes instead of shriveling into the black hole of hopelessness. Hope is what breaks the chains that bind us. It helps us to understand that we are not defined or doomed to our past but free to hope and pray for the future we desire.

Find your hope in your dream, your family, laughter, the sunshine. The minute you let your hope fade or slide is the minute you allow disease, or “dis-ease,” to rule over your inner power. Keep learning, listening and dreaming. It is all about hope.

So have something to hope for, make yourself into a person who can attain that hope, and when you have hope, pay it forward [10] and share it with those you meet. You don’t need a great income to be generous with giving hope. Everyone can share its infinite supply. It is only our inner will and energy that can be stronger than misfortune.


We asked experts, authors and readers like you to share their stories of Hope. Every day for the next month, you’ll find new tips for optimism on Gaiam Life [11], the Stream of Consciousness blog [12] and our social media sites: Facebook [13], Twitter [14] and Pinterest [15]. And don’t miss the GaiamTV.com [16] Hope Film Festival [17], with FREE films all month long.

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