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Forrest Gump

As Spiritual Cinema Circle enters its ninth year, we have distributed more than 400 films, and the one element that they all have in common is a sense of hope. In the world of Spiritual Cinema, hope infuses every film that we have grown to love … and every film that we distribute.

Yes, it may get dark out there at times.

Yes, there are times when we indeed stare into the abyss, both personally and as a society.

And yes, we have all lived through the challenges, pains and fears of dark nights of the soul.

But, when the dawn comes, hope is always born anew.

Hope is the lifeblood that flows through the veins of every human being. It is sometimes muted. Sometimes so faint that only our hearts feel its echo. And sometimes we wonder how we can keep it alive.

But hope lives on. Always has. Always will.

Here are just a few examples of the hope that permeates film:

It’s A Wonderful LifeClassic movies such as It’s A Wonderful Life and Lost Horizons revolve around their central characters’ indomitable sense of hope, despite any and all obstacles that their adventures throw in front of them.

More recently, the movie Forrest Gump took hope to a whole new level. When the love of Forrest’s life is about to abandon him (again), she asks him why he sticks with her, even though she continually rejects him. With all evidence to the contrary, and despite the fact that she has never done anything but walk away from him, Forrest simply answers, “Because you’re my girl.”

As a wonderful quote from Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come author Richard Matheson goes, “That which you think becomes your world.” And when hope deepens into that kind of belief, the universe has no choice other than to conform.

In this year of 2012, let hope provide the beacon that illuminates your path, with a new sense of wonder and pride in the very essence of our humanity.

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