Embrace the Unexpected

Annie B. Bond by Annie B. Bond | January 6th, 2011 | 1 Comment
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Woman with her arms open to the skyGifts of Unpredictability

Despite the fact that your ego hates unpredictability, the truth is that you have benefited from it again and again. Think for a moment about the unexpected opportunities that have come your way, offers of help you never anticipated, sudden brainstorms and inspirations, impulsive decisions to move or to talk to a stranger that opened new horizons. This is the natural way to live. “Your life is already organized within itself,” Merlin said. “Life flows from life, the bud unfolds into the flower, the child ripens into the adult. Trust in each stage, celebrate it, and allow the next one to come to you effortlessly.”

Adapted from The Way of the Wizardby Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 1995).

Gifts of New Experiences

It wasn’t until recently that I fully understood the astonishing range of benefits provided by natural fibers. I first got a clue about their range of benefits when a friend unexpectedly gave me an organic wool comforter that she no longer needed. I already slept on an organic wool mattress, but I had been sleeping under a cotton-covered comforter with polyester fill—a choice made solely for financial reasons. Waking up the first morning after being completely cocooned in organic wool for 8 hours or so, it took a few minutes to confirm that it was me feeling so completely relaxed, at peace and fully rested. My body felt completely serene, and I was cozy to my bones.

Adapted from Home Enlightenmentby Annie B. Bond (Rodale, 2005).


  1. Life flows from life that is absolutely correct.
    The statement “You have benfited from it (ego) again and again” is also considerable because that is what I felt and mentioned in ego in wikipedia and on my website as well.
    Great experience of human mind…..


    Sushil | January 6th, 2011 | Comment Permalink

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