Eco-Workout: Exercise that Saves the Planet

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FreytagfeatureWhat motivates you to exercise? Is it weight loss? A healthy heart? A clear mind? Some jeans hidden in the back corner of your closet? All are viable and helpful motivators for exercise. And the more motivators you have to stay active, the more likely you may be to stick to your routine.

Here’s another motivator to add to your list: save the planet.

“Green” exercise machines

A new breed of exercise equipment is actually making this possible. “Green” exercise machines enable an exerciser’s workout to power the lights, stereos, televisions and other amenities in the gym. How cool is that?

These machines are an awesome reminder of the opportunities we have for utilizing human exercise as an energy source. Wouldn’t it be great to cut your energy bill every month just by getting a great cardio workout in? Machines like these can also bring an entirely new motivation and dimension to your workout. Suddenly, that spin class is not just about toning your tush, it becomes a workout that contributes to global health. Though the electricity created by 45 minutes of exercise may seem like a drop in the bucket, every little step (or spin) makes a difference — and that’s motivating!

You can create your own green gym

If a “green gym” has not yet made it to your neighborhood, create your own. If your gym is within a few miles of your home or work, consider biking or walking to get there. The gas you’ll save from driving back and forth will make a big difference to the planet, and you’ll even have half of your cardio done by the time you walk into the gym. You can also try walking to and from the bank or store. And carrying full reusable grocery bags on the way home is a great bicep workout!

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