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Don’t Recycle That! 5 Cool DIY Upcycling Websites

Posted By Ginny Figlar Colón On November 26, 2010 @ 3:50 pm In Green Living | 8 Comments


I’ve always been a huge recycler [2], even fishing through other people’s trashcans at work as a kind of self-proclaimed recycling police.

But you won’t find me digging in the trash anymore. Instead, I am bin-diving into the recyclables [3] on an almost-daily basis — hunting for a new toy, utensil [4] holder, coloring book, snack dispenser or anything else my little family and I might need.

I’m all about reusing before recycling [5] these days.

Upcycling [6]” — the process of turning otherwise wasted objects into something of greater value — is nothing new. But, like a new mom who suddenly becomes hyper-aware of toxins in our food, air and clothing (been there), my living-with-less [7] reality right now has reminded me that I can use a lot of things that normally land in the recycling bin.

If you, too, are in an upcycling [8] state of mind, or just looking for some unique handmade gift ideas [9], here are five great websites that can help you go from recycling bin to treasure trove.

1. Made by Joel [10]

This is my go-to site for upcycled toys, such as a snack dispenser [1], kite [11] or marble run [12] made from cereal boxes or these sweet fabric nesting dolls [13]. Joel graciously provides free templates and instructions for those of us who wish we were more artistic.

2.   UpCycleIt [14]

Ever thought of using paper towel or toilet paper tubes to store extension cords [15]? UpCycleIt, the blog dedicated to turning trash into treasure, has.

3.   Daily Danny [16]

This is the blog of green-living expert Danny Seo, who has written a book called Upcycling, due out next fall. How cool is that Tennis Ball Swing [17]?!

4.   Instructables [18]

User-submitted homemade gift ideas complete with how-tos — from the bizarre to super-practical, like this e-reader case made from a hardcover book [19].

5.   Crafting a Green World [20]

DIY for environmentalists, including a few clever ideas for repurposing coffee cans [21].

Photo credit: Joel Henriques, Made by Joel [22]

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