Discover the ‘IT’ in You! Inner Beauty is not a Destination

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | January 25th, 2010 | No Comments
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I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest speaker at “Tea Talks,” a monthly tea for women at the Mile Hi Church in Denver. There, I invited the women present to “CALL IT IN….IN 2010.” I encouraged the women to acknowledge that the destiny that awaits us is not “out there.” There is nothing to “get,” as everything we need is birthed from within. There is no destination. We are all called to allow “IT” to be revealed through our thoughts, our words, our actions and our reactions. “IT” is the innate beauty that thrives in a field of positive expression and harmonic living.

I believe it is imperative to understand that the universe needs us in order to express its abundant magnificence. We are the vessels through which peace, love, joy and creativity take form. When I finally understood this message, my whole life changed. I began to recognize that there was nothing to seek. I then created an acronym for SEEK, which I will share with you:

Searching - For anything that transmits the idea that we do not innately have “IT”

Evokes – Bring forth, to call to mind or memory; searching evokes the memory of lack and limitation

Emotional – Internal reality caused by a strong and oftentimes complex subjective response, usually when the emotion that is brought to memory does not feel good and begins to re-create itself in our state of being

Knowledge – State of knowing; what is familiar to you, as what is familiar is oftentimes more comfortable than the change that we say we want.

If you feel stuck and it feels challenging to move forward with your heart’s desire, Call “IT” in! Call in your essential nature, which is powerful, dynamic and connected to universal oneness. Call in universal support to share your gifts. Call in the alliances that feel excited to offer your gifts to the world. Tap into the vitality of your life and seek no more.

Try this for the next few weeks:

  • Declare that you have everything you need and do not waiver from that Truth, even when you feel scared.
  • Continue to act as if “IT” is true and you will be amazed at the miraculous surprises that will occur.
  • Write affirmations that affirm your gifts and say them often.
  • Look for the miracles.

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I seek no more. I excitedly open and receive the outpouring of grace, abundance and love that is my divine inheritance.


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