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Whether it’s a free sample at the grocery store or a new brand your best friend just recommended, discovering a fantastic new product is almost like falling in love.

That’s why it felt like Christmas in July when we unwrapped Yuzen’s July “box of Zen,” beautifully packaged and filled with products that are nourishing for the body, soul and planet.

Yuzen, a Boulder, Colo.-based company, makes it easy to find — and fall in love with — the best new eco-friendly products. It’s also an invitation to pause and take a quiet moment to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures: a hot cup of tea, the smell of fresh flowers or a mouth-watering bite of dark chocolate.

Every three months, founders Jen Vaughan and Ted Ning (the husband-and-wife team behind Yuzen) hand-select an assortment of organic personal care products, healthy snacks and natural lifestyle items from inspiring, eco-conscious companies. The full- or premium-sample–sized products are then boxed and shipped to customers. You can also gift Yuzen to a loved one. We think it would make a perfect birthday, engagement or hostess gift!

Receiving our Yuzen box and discovering its contents was truly a delight. Luckily, we captured our experience with photos so that you can re-live the magic with us! Note that these are the items featured in the July box — each box will feature different products — but we wanted to give you a feel for the quality and variety you can expect.

YuzenThe Yuzen package is gorgeous — a tantalizing little box that inspires excitement and curiosity.

YuzenThe yuzen paper that encircles the contents of the box is handcrafted by Japanese artisans. Subscribers receive a new design in each box that can be reused as a bookmark, to wrap a gift or as artwork for your home.

YuzenThe packaging is so beautiful, it almost felt like a crime to disturb it!

HimalalaSalt - YuzenThis small shaker of HimalalaSalt is the perfect size for your on-the-go flavor needs. It is ethically sourced and hand-harvested from a protected location in the remote Himalayas, and five percent of the profits from its sale go to protecting that environment. The stunning pink color comes from its naturally high content of essential minerals. If you use salt regularly for cooking, you will absolutely be able to taste the difference!

Lotus Wei - YuzenWe can’t stop spraying these Lotus Wei mists; they smell amazing! The flowers used to make these elixirs (we got Joy Juice, Infinite Love and Quiet Mind) are hand-collected from exotic locations across the world. Each infusion works with the body’s meridian system to enhance clarity, peace and happiness. You can spray them directly on your skin, on your pillow, in your office space … wherever!

PeopleTowels - YuzenAccording to PeopleTowels, we each use more then 3,000 paper towels a year. That’s millions of trees being cut down for a product that we only use once and then throw away! The solution: This reusable, organic cotton towel, which is as fashionable as it is functional. Make it a point to B.Y.O. PeopleTowel wherever you go and you’ll help save tress, reduce landfill waste, conserve water and cut carbon emissions.

Primavera, Kopali Organics and Teatulia - YuzenSome of the other treats in this month’s box included a sample of Primavera’s Revitalizing Face Scrub, which uses certified organic ingredients such as organic rose essential oil and organic pomegranate seed oil to give skin a natural glow; Kopali Organics chocolate-covered mulberries, a super-delicious superfood; and two bags of Teatulia’s organic tea: Organic Lemongrass Herbal Infusion and Organic White Tea.

For more information about how you can get your own Yuzen box, or to gift one to someone you love, visit


  1. Looks really awesome! I signed up last-minute and I’m really excited I still get to receive this July box. That packaging is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Mary Q. | August 1st, 2012 | Comment Permalink

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