Creating Conscious Relationships At Home And Out In The World

Gay and Katie Hendricks by Gay and Katie Hendricks | May 15th, 2008 | No Comments
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As we write this, in the spring of ’08, it seems like we’ve been in the world’s longest-running political campaign—and there’s still half-a-year to go! Seeing all those political ads have inspired us to propose a new set of rules for politicians and their ads. For many years we’ve had the privilege and joy of helping people change their lives and their relationships by learning how to use four communication tools skillfully. We originally discovered the power of those tools thirty years ago, by experimenting in our own relationship with ways to keep the flow of intimacy going strong between us. The tools work, and we’ve been rewarded with more love, harmony and creativity than we ever imagined possible.

Here are the positive actions that create genuine miracles in living and loving. You can expect miraculous transformation when you do four things:
 •Speak honestly (instead of concealing the truth.) 
 •Take healthy responsibility (instead of blaming others.)
 •Express appreciation (instead of expressing chronic criticism.)
 •Wonder (instead of worrying) about the challenges you face.
At the same time that we’ve been living on this steady diet of miracles in our own life and work, we have been growing increasingly frustrated with the political world we live in. Specifically, the thing that most frustrates us is the unwillingness of politicians to use those four miracle-tools. In fact, not only do they refuse to use them, they expend great energy practicing the exact opposite tactics: blaming and belittling their opponents, distorting the truth and self-righteous proclaiming. If these smart folks do this sort of thing in public, one can only imagine what their lives are like at home.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of how to make a difference in the world, but here’s one way: Let’s start by using the power of our collective imagination to launch a new kind of communication at home, in society and among our politicians. Imagine a world in which everybody tells the truth. Imagine a world in which nobody blames and everybody takes 100% responsibility for creating positive solutions. Imagine a world in which we all expand in wonder, love and creativity every day.

That’s the kind of world we want to live in, and we bet you feel the same way.


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