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The Yoga Rx: Alternative vs. Modern Medicine

Suffering from a mysterious illness, yogi Nichole Golden tried to choose between alternative and conventional medicine. Then yoga showed her a higher path. Read on

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HealthandYoga: Transform your vacation into yoga vacation; Every year we look for new places and ideas to spend our precious vacation or to utilize an opportunity to withdraw ourselves from our ...

5 Yoga Poses to Do with a Bolster for Extra-Strength Stress Relief

Learn how the humble yoga bolster can change your yoga practice and help relieve stress. Read on

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Homme: "This will bring in the investment cash for New Mexicos clean energy sector at a time when our economy really needs the boost," said Jim Graham, a general contractor in ...
Doug the Organic Yoga Mat Guy: Thanks for this nice article and the clear illustrations. Yoga has so many benefits for everyone but many of the people who need it most seem unwilling to give it ...
Marie the Vinyasa Yoga Flow teacher: Props are excellent and so useful for students with injuries or those of us less flexible in certain poses. I usually would like to use the bolster on my hips ...
lrowan: Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and informative article. It has given me a lot of inspiration.
Gail: There are several places. I don't advise cheaping out on one though. My yoga instructor checked out the less expensive ones, and they weren't very good. Try That's where ...

Top 5 Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients for Non-Toxic Cleaning

Eco blogger Annie Bond shares her top 5 green cleaning solutions for non-toxic cleaning and a healthy home. Read on

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Ray Ban Plastic Lens: This is a appealing article by the way. I am going to go ahead and bookmark this post for my sister to read later on tonight. Keep up the good ...
Mobile Mom: My favorite one to use is vinegar. Does an amazing job! Great post.
Online supermarkets: I was searching the items in my groceries list and landed here. Which is the best cleanser for utensils after cooking? Collin paul
James Beane: You've given some great tips! One of the reasons that tea tree oil works so well as an antibacterial and antifungal is said to be due largely to its terpinen-4-ol ...
Mutfak dekorasyonu: Great article about kitchen. I will clean them with your tipps too

Get Inverted: What I Learned by Turning My Yoga Practice Upside-Down

Yoga inversions can bring up a lot of fear and excitement, but did you know that downward facing dog is an inversion? Inversions have numerous benefits. Read on

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Meegs: Well put, Maggie!
Maggie Goss: The lovely thing about yoga and other practices is training our brains as much as our bodies and realizing the balance of those two parts of ourselves.

How to Wet-Wash Wool & Silk and Skip Dry-Cleaning Chemicals

Dry-cleaning fumes depress your central nervous system as they waft around the room. Here's how to wet-wash as an alternative to dry cleaning. Read on

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wash plus size: I am curious to find out what blog system you're working with? I'm having some small security issues with my latest blog and I would like to find something more ...
Organic dry cleaning: Hi, can you please help me out with the following queries. How long does it take to get a garment wet cleaned? And is wet cleaning is more expensive than ...
virginia: Really 100 degree F water? I was thinking cold water would be important
Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Atlanta: Cleaning at home can be tricky. But don't assume your local dry cleaner uses bad chemicals. Ask! If they "don't know" - go somewhere else.
DashingValet: That's a cool post! Silk is a real headache and requires special care.

The Sacred Ritual of a Home Yoga Practice

It can be difficult to commit to a home yoga practice — But it's worth it.!Your practice can be whatever you want or need it to be, because the only person you have to answer to is YOU. Read on

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kiran: the yoga is all about the relaxation of mind. thanks for the post

5 Ways Europeans Live Better than Americans

Do Europeans live better than Americans? Eco travel blogger Wendy Redal explains a few ways that our Europeans neighbors maybe be living greener, healthier and happier. Read on

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clarisonic promotional code: thank you for share!
RKM: @ Karen It’s a well-known fact that Americans love to work. We endure long shifts, often without breaks, and carry work home with us in the evenings. Where do we ...
Karen: It's a well-known fact that Americans love to work. We endure long shifts, often without breaks, and carry work home with us in the evenings. Where do we fit in ...
Vincent: I find the comparison quite wrong for one thing. This doesn't compare USA with Europe but the suburbs of USA with the tourists centers of Europe. A living vs a ...
Monica: When I lived in Italy I was frustrated on Sundays and from 1 to 4 pm I found myself eating at kabobs or places ran by foreign immigrants. I hope ...

Should Personal Drones Be Banned in National Parks?

Is banning drones in our national parks is justified, or does it unfairly outlaw a mode of artistic expression? Read on

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Francis Cagney: There are already far too many incompetent but enthusiastic photographers who monopolise places of interest, expecting all other tourists to give them their 3 minutes of exclusivity so they can ...

10 Tips for Daily Detox

Ending a cleanse can be a real downer. Here are 10 tips for daily detox to keep the buzz going every day of your life. Read on

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Lokendra Tomar: I like the last point "Soul food". If your mind is not in a balanced state, you can't be 100% fit. Keep your hormones balanced by taking diet full of ...
ma: simple things that people keep forgetting
Weight loss Machines: Exercising is another fantastic way to remove weight as quick as you possibly can. Even though you don't have time for you to go to the fitness center, you can ...
Mariateresa: Am so thankful to the author of these life saving tips, having an allergic asthma is a burden, Thank You.
Donna: I am definitely going to try the detox and thx a mill for the article really refreshing and very informative

I’m Not Flexible Enough for Yoga

Think you're not flexible enough to do yoga? Learn why yoga builds flexibility, not the other way around. Read on

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Suzy: Great article - where do I buy those beautiful blue pants modeled in the main photo??

5-Minute-a-Day Yoga Routine for Kids

Many people are beginning to recognize the benefits of yoga for kids. Explore this 5 minutes a day yoga sequence for children. Read on

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Sanjit Mandal: This is awesome!! I love it! Doing activities with kids or without kids will help create more ways to connect with them.
Gail: Thank You for this. I would love to be able to get a copy for home use. This looks like fun for the little ones. Thank You again. Gail

Is Neuro-Conservation the New Hope for Environmental Messages?

Are the very folks who are trying to motivate us to save the planet making us apathetic instead? Eco blogger Candice Andrews speaks to a new inspiration — neuro-conservation — and why Brad Pitt may be the sustainable spokesman we need. Read on

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Candace: THANK YOU !!! I am a marine science student (switched over from neuroscience) and am working on a new way with science and conservation communication. My friend with similar interests ...
ADRIAN ABDON: Great article Candice. I have been trying to do this for years by creating films that increase awareness and appreciation for nature rather than focus on the devastation. But people ...
ADRIAN ABDON: I enjoyed reading this Candice! Well written. You have put into words what we try to do here in South Africa! @Jim Karnik – I agree present the problem & ...
ADRIAN ABDON: When it comes to conservation, environmentalism or preservation, a balanced approach is essential. I agree, Candice, that when it comes to influencing the masses, an emotional or sensory approach has ...
ADRIAN ABDON: I agree also. I think people who see conservation efforts as hopeless or negative are less likely to have that “What can I do to help” attitude. Also the negativity ...

Can Knitting Give You a Runner’s High?

Want to feel better, learn faster and remember more? Exercise regularly and take up crafting for improved mood and brain health! Read on

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scrap car Huntingdon: Thank you for some other informative blog. The place else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I have a challenge that I am ...
David Babcock: Well, actually, I do knit and run simultaneously. They do go together quite well. My regular training for the marathon was 10 minute miles for 9 miles while knitting. I ...
chdavis: I have managed to crochet hats while walking. Wear a zip up something, stuff the yarn in and pull it out as you go.
Mary Gregerson: Hi there, Could the Sunflower Knitters Guild have permission to reprint your article in our monthly newsletter? We are a charitable organization, and your article would accompany a pattern of ...
Alli: What pattern you are knitting and what yarn is that?

Which Comes First: The Needs of Endangered Animals or the People Who Live with Them?

What happens when the need to save endangered species and the need to protect local economies and properties collide? Candy Andrews examines the clash between conservationists and communities. Read on

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Dusti Becker: Would you like to participate on a project that involves local people in nature conservation? See what it is really like! Join me on a Life Net Nature wildlife conservation ...
Janine spencer: Jane Goodall has a wonderful approach for working with local peoples. Her group enlists local representatives to talk to the community, see what that community needs most (i.e. a well ...

Plantar Fasciitis: How to Heal the Sole

Yoga trainer to top athletes Gwen Lawrence shares four yoga moves to help prevent plantar fasciitis and other foot and heel pain. Read on

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Joyce: After many years of foot pain, my 4th and last podiatrist wanted to d surgery for my plantar fascitis. I asked my chiropractor to look at my feet and she ...
William Prowse: Hi! Check out my website on free heel pain help: :D Take care!
Mr.W: I've found that blood flow stimulation works well. Any thoughts on that? This is the one I use I simply put it on my foot daily and it healed ...
Patrick: I have tried anti-inflammatories (temporary relief), heat- and cold-packs, various stretching exercises, but here's what worked for me: Heel-raises and squats while holding some fairly heavy dumb bells. Holding equal ...
Alicia: The Boot!!!! Sleep with that plastic velcro wrapped boot on and be patient - it works and don't throw the boot away - if you feel a twinge coming back ...

Gimmick-Free Weight Loss

oday I stepped on the scale for the first time in months. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it's not pretty. So it's back to the dieting drawing board for me. A lot of people I know have tried every weight-loss program under the sun, from an all-cabbage diet to herbal pills designed to help you clear ... Read on

Comments (1) During this time, it is recommended that the pot be removed from the water to avoid breaking. This can be done by forming paths or islands in the garden. There ...

Infographic: How To Do Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation is the backbone of any Vinyasa yoga practice. Learn this practical pose sequence in this colorful infographic! Read on

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Johnd525: I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thanks again! kecdgfbcedbe
Ben: Nicely Done.Tell my friends
Igor: Awesome picture. Simple,elegant and easy to follow! Thanks for sharing it with us! Regards, Igor

Should We Intervene to Save Isle Royale National Park Wolves?

As climate change pushes more animals to the brink of extinction, should humans intervene to save animal populations like the wolves of Isle Royale National Park? Read on

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Patricia: Don't know much about this, but introducing a species never seemed to be a good idea so far - lots of unknowns. So the moose population has doubled and left ...
John H. Gaukel: Yes,I think in the case of, Michigan's Isle Royale National Park, the biologists should intervene and release a few grey wolves to try and augment the gene pool. They have ...

Hold Your Head High: Help for Neck Pain

Could carrying heavy loads in your head actually improve your posture and decrease neck pain? Yoga blogger and new mom Jill Miller says yes! Read on

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alfagetti: That must have got you some interesting stares, Jill! Great advice, as usual. Thank you. Cute baby goes without saying.... :) Can you share what carrier you are using in ...
Dinneen: Closing the superior kinetic chain, I love it. Great advice to defy gravity's pull. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a 20lb bag of dog kibble on your ...

Gaiam Employees Harvest Fruits & Veggies from Organic Garden

See what tasty organic fruits and veggies we harvested this summer from our Gaiam community garden. Plus, learn a few of our secrets to growing a healthy garden. Read on

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dhani w: thank's for the sharing, that's is very insteresting for us to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables in our veggie garden is not only good for the ...
Nana Nicoles: I just stopped by from Yahoo to say thanks for this very informational post on organic gardening. Thanks again!