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Carnival of the Green # 196!

Posted By Joe Rogel On September 14, 2009 @ 1:06 pm In Green Living | No Comments

Carnival of the Green

Welcome to the 196th edition of Carnival of the Green, brought to you by Gaiam [1]! Thanks to TreeHugger [2], this week we bring you the best in Green from around the blogosphere and Twitterverse.

Big thanks to EcoTech Daily [3] for hosting last week’s Carnival [4] and keep an eye out for the next installment at La Marguerite [5] on September 21st. For more information and to submit your site for consideration as a host, read this [6].

Before we get started, here are a few things we’d like to share:

1) If you’re in college or know an eco-minded student who’d like some ideas for turning a boring dorm room into eco-awesome, read 5 Gift Ideas for Creating a Green & Healthy Dorm Room [7] by Lily Berthold-Bond, daughter of Annie Bond [8], one of America’s most trusted and insightful guides to making healthier, greener choices in everyday life.

2) Composting is your ticket to a free lifetime supply of premium organic fertilizer! Check out Compost A to Z: Complete Guide to Composting [9], our comprehensive resource for all things related to compost [10].

3) Watch the most recent video of the Gaiam Compost-Off [11] with Jessica and Nicole – a battle between the Earthmaker and Bio-Orb to see which is the best composter! The winner will be featured in the next Gaiam catalog. May the best composter win!

4) Sign up for Gaiam emails [12] and get 15% off your next Gaiam [13] order for eco-friendly furnishings and apparel, fitness DVDs and gear, wellness solutions and more.

5) Connect with us on Facebook [14] and Twitter [15]!

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to bring you The Carnival of the Green!

Best Green Posts

Bamboozled? The Debate Rages Over Bamboo

Becky Striepe at Green UPGRADER breaks down the ongoing debate [16] sparked by FTC criticism of some bamboo marketers, claiming they misled consumers. Of course, the companies disagree. Who should you believe?

Harvesting Vermicompost

Brenda Pike at Pragmatic Environmentalism breaks down how she started composting with worms [17], with some very detailed and informative instructions and photos.

Take Action Against Live Male Chicks Maceration

Recently, a video was released showing the horrible practice in laying hen hatcheries of live male chicks ground up alive. And all eggs, certified humane or not, contribute to this practice.  Join Beth Terry in asking the USDA to halt this practice and to come up with a humane alternative [18].

Monkeys Persecuted as “Pests”

In southern Africa, vervet monkeys are persecuted as pests.  Where humans have taken over their wild territories, vervets have been killed by dogs, poison, and guns, and are trapped for traditional medicine, bush meat and medical research. In this post, Sally Kneidel shares her photos and experiences [19] of vervet monkeys in Africa. Alternate link also at Veggie Revolution [20].

White House Farmers’ Market On! September 17- October 29

Grab your reusable shopping bags and take the Metro towards 1600 N. Pennsylvania Ave., because The White House is getting a farmers’ market [21]! Get the full scoop at Vegetarian Star.

Why More Minimal Is Back

After a two-year hiatus, More Minimal returns to publication [22]. So why is it back? According to Chris Baskind, because “plenty” doesn’t depend on how much stuff you have. It depends on the essential.

Green Living: Ways To Recycle And Buy Used

The Digerati Life suggests that used is better in many instances [23]: buy used and you buy cheap, and instead of throwing useful items away, you can resell for some pocket money. And on top of it all, we’re able to promote a cleaner environment. Many used items are not only much more affordable, they are also equally reliable and carry their own unique, charming history.

Stroud Launches Its Own Currency

Ruscombe Green reports on the launch of the Stroud Pound [24] – the the third local currency launch in the UK. The currency was launched with the goal of increasing and sustaining local economic activity, increasing trade and support the creation of more jobs, stimulating greater local production and more.

Solar Training on the Internet

Boots on the Roof provides a great post with information and resources for individuals interested in learning about solar training on the Web [25].

How to Live Fair Trade Style

There is a recent buzz surrounding fair trade [26] and living a fair trade lifestyle. Guffly shares a few ways for incorporating fair trade living into your own life [27].

Vulture Awareness Day: Vultures I Would Like to See

Many vulture species are in danger of extinction due to persecution or careless use of pharmaceuticals and pesticides. John at A DC Birding Blog reflects on the majestic vultures he would like to catch a glimpse of [28].


NOTE: There weren’t many submissions to #bestgreentweets last week, so we picked up some other green tweets instead.

What’s 4ft long, ugly, and threatened? Why its the Haki of course, or if you prefer, a Fillet-o-Fish. http://bit.ly/10Iqeu [29] #bestgreentweets [30]

By @PaperlessPlease [31] on September 11 [32]

80% of the trash in the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch was discarded by people on shore! http://bit.ly/11ihyc [33] (With pics!)

By @TwilightEarth [34] on September 10 [35]

Ridiculously Good Pumpkin Spice Cookies #Vegan [36] #Recipe [37] http://bit.ly/48ZmTm [38]

By @DerekMarkham [39] on September 09 [40]

Dog Parking, as seen at Whole Foods in Boulder. http://bit.ly/19IedS [41]

By @elephantjournal [42] on September 09 [43]

What Manhattan might’ve looked like 400 years ago. Pics. http://bit.ly/4aHhDB [44]

By @CanarsieBK [45] on September 10 [46]

That’s it for this week! Thanks for dropping by, and don’t forget to submit your articles and posts, and tag your tweets with #bestgreentweets for the next time!

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