Can Everyone Attract a Soulmate?

Arielle Ford by Arielle Ford | May 12th, 2012 | 3 Comments
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AriellefeatureDear Arielle & Brian,

I am 46 years old and am working on manifesting in my life my ideal soulmate. I know others who have found love through dating Web sites, but I’ve chosen to work on the Law of Attraction, which I discovered last year. I’m very clear about what I’m looking for in a woman. My biggest deficit is I’ve yet to experience a romantic relationship in my life. I’ve been working doing the suggested “feelingizations” and creating space. Yet I really don’t know how to start taking action or what I can do to manifest that special woman.

I’m often told that I have a loving, nurturing energy that puts people at ease, and I’m also physically active.

Most days, I feel very excited knowing my soulmate is on her way. Occasionally, though, part of me wonders if this soulmate manifestation only works for other people. It feels like a step back when I notice such feelings creeping in. Does this work for everyone, and what can I do to strengthen my ability to attract a right woman into my life? Deep down, I do know and feel that I deserve to truly love and be loved as much as anyone else.


Dear Jay,

First of all, we would like to honor all the work you’ve done to prepare yourself for someone special in your life. It sounds like it’s really paid off in terms of your own deeper understanding of who you are and what you truly want in a relationship. Congratulations! Those qualities you’ve developed will only enhance and enrich your own experience as well as your partner’s.

Please continue with the “feelingizations” and all the other practices you have been committed to because you want to always build on the solid foundation you’ve already created. Most importantly, though, keep your focus on the KNOWING that your soulmate is on the way and that you are DESERVING of that special person’s love as well as loving her in return. The more days you wake up with that excitement that the love of your life is truly out there coupled with the KNOWING from your heart that you WILL make someone very happy, the more delicious soulmate opportunities will be generated for you. Those are all YOUR words, not ours! And if those feelings of uncertainty creep in, don’t be hard on yourself or think you’ve taken two steps backwards. Just refocus on the KNOWING and DESERVING. And from your heart, send love to yourself and your future soulmate. Jay, these practices do work for other people, and they will work for you, too!

But here’s the really, really, really important part of the equation my friend: It’s time to start dating! It’s time to apply these effective practices, techniques and tools to good use, so the universe can support and ultimately reward you for all your beautiful and integral efforts in finding the love of your life! We have quite a few friends who have found their soulmates through dating Web sites, gyms, yoga classes and other unusual venues. All of this can be really fun! And, since you haven’t had much experience with dating or relationships, we would also suggest that you consider hiring a relationship coach. Coaches can be an invaluable source of inspiration and wisdom to help guide you and give you confidence during this vulnerable period in your life. You can find information on several coaches at on the favorite links page. Jay, we know you can do this, and we look forward to hearing back from you when you have found “the ONE.”

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

Arielle & Brian

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  1. Everyone can find their soul mate!

    Stephanie | January 20th, 2011 | Comment Permalink
  2. Yes, dating would be the 1st step to take…

    But it would be wise to be selective when it comes to dating, for some people may not turn out to be who you initially thought they were, therefore can lead you to much heartache and unnecessary stress.

    Barnett | July 24th, 2012 | Comment Permalink
  3. Hi I’m a 42 year old Divorcee looking for my soul mate since quite long. Since a couple of months I am following LOA for soul mate attraction and since about a month I am getting particular image of a guy in my minds eye. Now a couple years back a guy sent me an intrest through a matrimonial site, I accepted, we chatted, met and for reasons unknown he just withdrew his interest and closed the matter. I tried communicating but then let good off and forgot. Just two days ago I came across his profile and he almost resembles the guy in my minds eye. Now my question is that should I keep this guy who rejected me but resembles the guy in my minds eye as a soul mate to be attracted or should I just focus on the image of my soul mate in my mind eyes as I am not sure as to who he is. Please guide me. Thanks and have a good day.


    kavita | April 14th, 2016 | Comment Permalink

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