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Beyond Material Gifts: The Invisible Power of Giving

Posted By Patricia Moreno On December 3, 2009 @ 7:25 pm In Fitness, Personal Growth | No Comments


The beauty of giving a gift is that it can positively impact the giver, the receiver and those who are witnessing the action. Instead of trying to get names crossed off your shopping list, take some time to reconnect to the spiritual power of gift giving.

There is a great invisible power behind giving that can get lost in the long lines at the shopping malls. I encourage you to take some time this season to get connected to the real reason you are giving gifts [1] and make it an opportunity to connect to the magic and power of this time of year. There are so many things we can focus on giving that are not just material things.

All of us at one point or another have questioned our ability to make a difference [2]. Yet, if we simply pay attention to the endless opportunities each day brings to give gifts of ourselves, we find that we can connect to the amazing invisible power of giving during any season — be it a smile, a hand, a compliment, a few bucks, a phone call, a love note, a thank-you card or a helping hand out of the blue.

I suggest you take this time to cultivate a generous, giving heart within yourself and look for daily opportunities to make a big difference with small gifts [3] to friends, strangers, family members, coworkers and neighbors. A little giving can go a long way, and we are often unaware of the long-lasting consequences of a single thoughtful act.

Exercise: “I give, and I receive.”

Try these two intenSati moves from the lower body series first thing in the morning to warm up your body and rev up the power of your giving. Start by saying the affirmation, “I give, and I receive.”

  • I-Give-croppedStart in READY position, feet together and arms by your side. Take a wide step to the right, bend your knees to the pose of EMBRACE, and give yourself a big hug. Say out loud, “I give,” reminding yourself that you have the extraordinary power to give of yourself.
  • I-Receive-croppedNext, step with the right foot to feet together, and throw your arms overhead in a V-position to the pose of POSITIVE EXPECTATION, fingers wide and gaze up to the sky. Say out loud, “And I receive,” opening yourself up to receive the precious gifts of giving.

Do the same affirmation and moves to the left side. Alternate right and left for one to three minutes. Each time, call to mind a different way you can give of yourself that day, knowing that what you will receive in return is immeasurable in material value and is indeed priceless.

As we move into the final month of 2009, we can cultivate a generous, loving and compassionate heart [4] that will be the foundation of a beautiful new beginning to the New Year. Give yourself the gift of this powerful connection, and you will see that the one receiving the greatest gift is actually you.

Ask yourself daily, “What can I give today?”



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