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Best Way to Stop Infidelity

Posted By Gay and Katie Hendricks On January 24, 2012 @ 11:28 am In Relationships | 4 Comments

Happy couple [1]

One thing we keep an eye out for is what kind of relationship advice [2] is being dispensed subliminally through sit-coms, dramas, even the news shows. So when a morning show host began an interview with an expert on infidelity [3] the other day, I watched out of the corner of my eye.

The expert began dispensing what, in my opinion, was some of the worst advice I’d ever heard. The expert even advised one woman, “While your husband is in the shower, go through his email and cell phone records to look for possible infidelity.”

But at the end of the interview, the host made a remark so refreshingly useful that it stopped me in my tracks. He said: “The best way to stop infidelity is just to focus on your own integrity [4]. If you do the right thing, you won’t have to worry about what anybody else does.”

I’ve learned the same lesson from working with hundreds of people wrestling with this issue [5] in therapy over the years (watch our video for advice on surviving an affair [6]). But it was very refreshing to have this advice being dispensed through a TV show.


Gay Hendricks

P.S. What messages about relationships [7] do you see being dispensed through the media? Keep on the lookout, and post a comment here if you see something that fascinates you.

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