Beauty, Friendship, Green, and Healing: My Most Memorable Good Memory of 2008

Annie B. Bond by Annie B. Bond | December 31st, 2008 | No Comments
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Look back at 2008 and find your most memorable good memory. Spending some time recognizing good memories can help make you aware of what you want to draw to you in the future.

As I filter back through my memories of 2008, the memory that percolates to the surface and stays there is one that included beauty, friendship, green living, and healing. The healing was for my daughter Lily, who was going through a hard transition in college. Friendship was reflected in the generosity of my friend Amy Goldman, who gave Lily a job. Beauty was found in the herb garden where my daughter worked for the job. Green living was practiced in the larger garden, a sanctuary for heirloom seeds.

Amy’s gardens are beyond beautiful and at the same time archives of rare seeds, ancient in their heritage, heirlooms grown long before their genetic survival was tinged and controlled by multinational corporations. I first met her because I was writing a story about heirloom seeds and since she lived nearby and was also an author of three books on heirloom plants—melons, squash, and tomatoes– I went to interview her.

All aspects of the gardens are beautiful, and for Lily, surrounded by this natural loveliness and getting her hands in the dirt, she began to perk up, like a wilted plant that had finally been given water.

My memory is of Lily working in Amy’s herb garden. The vision is simple yet one that is so rich for me because it weaves together such an abundance of beauty, friendship, green living, and healing.


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