Tabby Biddle

Tabby Biddle
Tabby Biddle is a yoga teacher, writer, contributor to and CEO of Lotus Blossom Style. "I have traveled from place to place receiving teachings that have helped me awaken to my own potential and receive clarity on my life’s purpose so that I can serve others," says Tabby. "My study and practice of yoga and Tibetan Buddhism has informed much of my adult life, and I am forever grateful for these practices and the many wonderful teachers who have led the way."

Are We Our Own Healers?

Tabby Biddle by Tabby Biddle | February 18th, 2009 | 2 Comments
topic: Health & Wellness

As I sat in the waiting room at the dermatologist’s office recently, I thought about how much our attitude affects our health and our healing process.

‘Sacred Travel’: Re-create Yourself at Spiritual Hotspots

Tabby Biddle by Tabby Biddle | December 3rd, 2008 | 6 Comments
topic: Personal Growth, Yoga

Love to travel but no longer content with South Beach or Vail? There is another option available. A number of years ago, I wanted a trip that was based on personal growth and discovery. Today this is called “sacred travel.” (Back then it was about taking my savings and heading out with a backpack.)