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Eat Locally: An Introduction into the Locavorian World

Jessie Lucier by Jessie Lucier | February 19th, 2010 | No Comments
topic: Green Living, Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating

Buy LocalHave you ever caught yourself, mid-bite into a juicy burger (veggie, beef or buffalo) loaded with all the fixings, and stopped to consider where it all came from?  Like, how did your home-grown tomato end up nestled next to an avocado from California, topped upon a patty of ground beef processed in Kansas?

Start Celebrating Earth Day’s 40th … Right Now!

Jessie Lucier by Jessie Lucier | February 5th, 2010 | No Comments
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Raindrop Earth

Happy Earth Day 2010!  This April will mark four decades of organized environmental awareness.  And, given the current economic, environmental and energy crises, it’s clear that Earth Day is no longer a “holiday” reserved for hippies.  We all have stake in planet Earth.  Accordingly, significant action must continue in order to sustain our planet and the people she supports.