David Pennington

David Pennington
D.T. Pennington is a writer living in downtown Denver, Colorado. He runs Not Quite Hippie (http://notquitehippie.com) — a sustainability blog for the rest of us. In addition to wordsmithing and web-siting, he climbs rocks, grows gardens, eats food and rides bikes.

Planting Hope

David Pennington by David Pennington | April 20th, 2012 | No Comments
topic: Green Living, Healthy Eating, Personal Growth, Relationships

AsparagusAs I watched my girlfriend plant the asparagus roots in the freshly tilled soil this past weekend, the thought finally hit me: I might yet stand a chance.

Seeds are amazingly simple in design for what they are meant to do. Soil, water, warmth and a bit of faith creates a plant that provides food, generates more seeds and nurtures the soil, all while cleaning the air and water. It was the cultivation of a few seeds that gave me a completely new perspective on absolutely everything in my life.