Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter
Chrissy is a senior teacher and teacher trainer at Yoga Works in New York. Passionate about teaching intelligent yoga with clarity and compassion, her approach to yoga fosters curiosity, playfulness, and self-inquiry. Chrissy has appeared in Yoga Journal, The New York Times, and Whole Living Magazine and is a featured teacher on GaiamTV. Her blog, H(om)e, weaves yoga philosophy into the art of domesticity, creating a sense of home in all experience. She's grateful to Mark Whitwell and Carrie Owerko who inform and inspire her teaching.

Activate Your Hope Chakra

Chrissy Carter by Chrissy Carter | April 18th, 2012 | 3 Comments
topic: Fitness, Personal Growth, Yoga

Chrissy Carter

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It is impossible to know hope until one has experienced hopelessness — that feeling of suffocating permanence, as if you will be forever trapped in your present situation. In a place of hopelessness, all feels irrevocably lost. We harden and brace ourselves for permanent pain in the same way that we gather and store reserves in preparation for a long, hard winter. It’s as if the shutters have been closed and all the lights turned off. Lost in the darkness, we succumb to avidya (ignorance), the belief that our finite experience is all-pervasive and interminable. Helpless, hapless and hopeless, it is impossible to imagine a light at the end of the tunnel, and we start to lose sight of the big picture.

But in these times, hope can be a light in the darkness, filtering through the slats in the shutters, shifting the shadows in our dark room from ominous to promising. Suddenly and against all odds, we can find compassion for ourselves in the face of suffering.