Bethany Orheim

Bethany Orheim
Bethany is a devout student and teacher of Prana Flow Yoga and the owner of Bindu Yoga Studio, a unique yogic sanctuary located in the heart of Del Mar, California. Bethany’s teaching style is inspired by her life’s experience of living near the ocean and studying yoga for the past ten years. Bethany offers a liberated, dynamic approach to yoga and intuitively guides her students to surrender to pure consciousness while allowing the ecstatic wave of breath and movement to harmonize within the physical body. Bethany is deeply honored to assist her teacher, Prana Flow Goddess, Shiva Rea in workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings around the world. She has deepened her understanding of the lineage of yoga by completing certifications in Prana Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Pre-Post Natal, Yoga Trance Dance, and Ayurveda. Bethany embodies the teachings of flow and brings incredible love, passion, and healing into each sadhana. She gracefully invites her students to treat each asana as a mudra, and to find balance between intense strength and complete surrender while remaining open to the limitless possibilities of Prana. Connect with Bethany in the flow

Sweet Little Lies

Bethany Orheim by Bethany Orheim | October 27th, 2011 | No Comments
topic: Personal Growth, Yoga

White Lies

When is the last time you told a lie? Nothing major, just a little white lie? If you’re anything like me, you lied yesterday about why you were late, or you stretched the truth about the extent to which you read a book, or perhaps you weren’t honest about what you did or didn’t eat. You are not alone. We all do this EVERY DAY.

I’ve spent the past five years in a deep self-inquiry and this is one of the most interesting discoveries I’ve made. It sounds simple but at the most subtle level I’ve started to notice the vibrational quality of these lies when they enter my mind and leave my mouth. It feels much different than when I am moving from a place of love. There is a complete lack of integrity and I find myself out of alignment with my sankalpa, my deepest intention, which is to speak my truth.