August: Embracing the Unexpected

Spiritual Cinema Circle by Spiritual Cinema Circle | July 18th, 2013 | No Comments
topic: Inspirational Media, Personal Growth

Have you ever found an unexpected connection? Spiritual Cinema Circle’s selections for August follow connections between friends, family and strangers.

In our feature film, Take Me Home, a woman looking for purpose in her life finds herself on a cross-country drive from New York City to California with a charming rogue taxi driver. Starring, written and directed by Sam Jaeger, known for his role in the TV series Parenthood.

This month’s short films come from filmmakers across the world.

The Attendant is an Irish film about a parking lot attendant who helps a friend in need … or is he up to something else?

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Head Over Heels is an imaginative film about a couple who live from opposite perspectives.

The Entrance Exam is a powerful metaphysical story from Japan about a young woman examining her most important life choices.

Spiritual Cinema Circle is a monthly DVD club that celebrates inspiring and thought-provoking films.


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