Are You Living in the “Yes”?

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | December 16th, 2010 | 2 Comments
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Happy womanRecently, I committed to a deeper spiritual practice. It included contemplating and releasing anything that did not support my highest good. Every morning, 45 minutes was dedicated to only this aspect of my practice. What came forward was a very old belief that no longer served me. I decided to acknowledge and consciously surrender it.

The amazing thing is that shifts began to take place immediately. As I listened and opened to embracing the old paradigm, something else moved in. It was a question: “Are you living in the YES?”

The answer was not a simple one. In most of areas of my life, I am definitely living in the yes of purpose and essence. However, there were these little places that began to come forward that were quiet little fears and doubts that would not allow me to live and express fully.

I have been doing this practice for a few months and I declared that these old beliefs and feelings only have power if I attach to them. So, I acknowledged them and then gently began to replace them with who I know I came here to be. Every time one of these thoughts would come in I would consciously pause and say, “No, I live in the yes of my life. It is powerful, abundant and creative. Please, Universe, show me the Truth of my life. I expect goodness and joy.”

Miraculously, the old feelings/thoughts would dissipate and peace would fill my body and mind. Incredible things began to happen. Invitations, money and acknowledgments of my work took a quantum leap. My calendar for 2011 is almost completely filled with things that are fueled by my passion.

How to start living in the “Yes”

So, where are you in your life? Do you feel like you are on a precipice of greatness and yet you feel stuck? I invite you to stop doing and move into a state of “being.” Expand your inner work. Dedicate more time to your meditation or spiritual practice. Even if it is only 5 more minutes. This act will expand your “container,” the space within you that supports shift. Do not judge what is coming forward or try to push it away. Acknowledge the feeling and then replace it with a “YES.” Yes, I choose to be successful. Yes, I choose to open to my good in miraculous ways. Yes, I am asking to be supported and guided.

Things will come up, but do not give up the practice. The more committed you are, the more you will begin to see the signs that you are guided and supported. You are here for a purpose and if that is true … there must be a delivery system to guide you to greatness. When doubts arise, join me in saying:

“No, I live in the YES of my life. It is powerful, abundant and creative. Please, Universe, show me the Truth of my life. I expect goodness and joy.”


  1. Please be positive feel relax and pray to GOd.

    John Petter | December 19th, 2010 | Comment Permalink
  2. A school graduate, founds himself helpless of life. He was jobless, houseless and positively, no one by his side. This young man was really in a state of hopeless situation.

    What contributions have you towards this man`s condition. Because, he has no money to start – up any thing and no hope of getting it, even through begging.

    How can this man pick – up his mat and start walking ?

    kate | August 23rd, 2011 | Comment Permalink

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