Are You Enough?

Sarah Maria by Sarah Maria | December 4th, 2008 | 3 Comments
topic: Health & Wellness, Personal Growth

How can we feel like enough?

In this culture, it is all too easy to believe that we are not quite good enough. We are not thin enough; we are not young enough; we are not wealthy enough. We don’t have enough stuff, or at least not the right stuff …. We want to achieve some perceived level of perfection, and often feel dissatisfied with ourselves when we have not met our ideal.

In extreme cases, this dissatisfaction can turn into self-hatred and can create an enormous amount of suffering. Some people literally hate themselves for their perceived inadequacies, whereas others just might feel benignly disappointed in themselves.

There are whole thought systems that thrive on having us believe we are not good enough. But what if we believed that we are enough, that we are perfect just as we are? Of course we still might want to grow and develop and excel, but not because we are lacking anything, simply because we want to continue to expand ourselves.

The nature of the cosmos is evolution, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself in any way. But it must come from a place of peace and love, instead of a place of dissatisfaction and despair. When we are coming from a place of self-acceptance and self-love, any improvement seems to come about of its own accord. This is very different from the clinging and the despair that characterizes self-improvement made in an attempt to be good enough.

We must first realize that we are completely acceptable as we are; then any improvement spontaneously occurs as we live our lives. We are able to harness the evolutionary power of the cosmos and there is lightness and ease, even in the midst of difficulty.

It is when we learn to accept ourselves that we can learn to accept others. It is when we learn to love ourselves that we can both love and be loved by others.

What have you done to learn to love yourself? Were you born loving yourself? Was this ever lost? If so, how did you reclaim it? How do you think people can learn to love and accept themselves fully?

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  1. So true. I feel like so many people do things under the guise of “self improvement” or “self growth” but their intentions or reasons for doing it are a bit misguided. It’s tough though in this society to steer clear of sources telling us we’re not good enough and things like that since we’re a consumer society and that’s what commercials feed off of. We’re insecure and it’s not difficult to convince us that this or that will make us better or more fulfilled.

    Melissa | December 5th, 2008 | Comment Permalink
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