Alec Baldwin Wishes His Prius Was a Benz

Suzanne Byrne by Suzanne Byrne | April 8th, 2009 | No Comments
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30-rock-baldwinAlec Baldwin is going green, but — make no mistake — he doesn’t find it glamorous.

“I drive a Prius out in L.A.,” the The 30 Rock star said recently. “It’s interesting because, while I’m glad to be part of that solution, it’s not the kind of car I would normally drive. I’d go for a Mercedes S500. Now that’s a car.”

Despite lots of A-list stars who own hybrids — from Michelle Williams to Leonardo DiCaprio — it’s just not glam enough for the TV star, who plays NBC exec Jack Donaghy on the Tina Fey-produced show.

Funny enough … NBC Universal has a huge green initiative, which you can read about on their Green is Universal site and their Green Blog. So I guess it’s a good thing Alec isn’t an NBC exec in real life, right? I’m sure the company wouldn’t want a bigwig talking about how it’s not glam to go green.

Do you find you sacrifice quality or taste for the eco-friendly things you use in your life? Tell me about it below.


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