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6 Steps to Finding the Goodness in Life

Posted By Cynthia James On March 15, 2013 @ 1:19 pm In Inspirational Media, Personal Growth | 1 Comment


I know that the moment you read this title, “Finding the Goodness in Life,” some of you cringed. Why? Because there is a lot going on at this point in time [2] that would not be considered “good.” But what if, in everything, goodness existed?

I once had a client who was contemplating suicide. They did not see any reason for living and could find nothing in their life that was worthwhile. Every week, I prayed that this person would continue to show up and work with me.

What we discovered was that this client was really uncomfortable with energies that were showing up in their life, and the reason they were showing up and causing such distress was because they were unhealed. Every facet of their current situation was an indicator and reflection of something that had happened in the past [3].

In my counsel with them, we began to look at healing the old energy and how it applied to creating a new life. We began to look for the good memories that were buried under the pain. We began to look in the present and identified little “rays of light.” Those rays blossomed, and we opened to recognizing that this person was more than capable of creating a new perspective that could support the fulfillment of long-delayed dreams.

How to find the good

I know it’s not easy to find the good in pain, but I promise you that it is possible. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Embrace challenges [4] and stop running from them.

2. Stop judging and evaluating defects [5] and look for positive expressions.

3. Begin to look at the patterns in life — they are messengers.

4. Gratitude [6] is a portal to happiness, so give thanks for the little things.

5. Look for the good news; turn off your television if you need to.

6. Acknowledge someone for the gifts they bring.

Here is the most important part: If it exists in one place; it exists as possibility in another. You get to choose how you look at life and respond. The more you see love and beauty, the more it will show up. You can TRUST it.

Since I wrote the book Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence [7], I have had a lot of opportunities to go deep with people in the workshop of the same name. The book was created for busy people who want to become more conscious and more successful. It is for people who feel overwhelmed, overworked and over-committed. I am honored that Extraordinary Essence won two awards as a finalist in the self-help category for USA Book Awards and the International Book Awards.

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