Go Eco-Sexy in the Bedroom: 3 Rooms + 5 Essentials

Cheryl Terrace by Cheryl Terrace | February 12th, 2009 | 2 Comments
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Organic Cotton "Lucia" bedding ensemble from Gaiam

Talk about sexy … eco comes in amazing color guaranteed to fan the fire. I love this organic cotton “Lucia” bedding ensemble from Gaiam

The bedroom is a place where we are embraced and held dearly, and where we get to be totally uninhibited. Yet all too often I see this room as one of the most neglected. Because it is our own private space, out of public view, it often tends to be the ‘catch all’ for projects, laundry and junk.

Since I believe that everything is energy and that rooms are “living,” I like to have my clients think of their bedrooms as they would think of a special lover — infused with magic and mystery and a sensuous quality. For both married and single people, this should be a place where you feel safe, loved and taken care of. I envision my bedroom as beautiful welcoming arms embracing me after a full day on the urban battlefield; I adore my sexy eco love nest (photo below!).

Try these easy and eco-conscious ideas for transforming a bland boudoir into a bodacious abode:

Jane and Matt's "Urban Zen" Tribeca loft featuring bamboo bedding and organic cotton blanket and

Jane and Matt’s ‘URBAN ZEN’ TRIBECA LOFT: Organic cotton blanket, bamboo bedding, capiz shell chandelier, antique red Asian-influence tables, and abstract wall art from anneraymond.com

1. Sexy feel-good eco-friendly bedding in luscious colors. Just thinking of fields bursting forth with organic cotton blooms and bamboo stalks that grow a foot a day is enough to get anyone in the mood for a mating ritual. And I mean “feel-good” in the literal sense, too: organic cotton, bamboo and silk are so lusciously soft, they’re almost like a lover’s caress. For Jane and Matt’s ‘URBAN ZEN’ TRIBECA LOFT I used bamboo bedding, Gaiam’s organic cotton Fireside blanket and an upholstered headboard from mgandbw.com.

2. Low-wattage lighting that adds personality to a space. I adore antique chandeliers, and there are many other eco-smart lighting options that can imbue a sexy atmosphere. For your bedroom, always choose dimmable lighting — both to save energy and create a mood. Today’s lower-light-temperature compact fluorescent lightbulbs cast a warm, soft light (not that harsh, blue, alien light you might associate with fluorescents), and dimmable 3-way CFLs are also readily available. Candles are must-haves too — such an easy way to make a space feel intimate. Choose nontoxic soy or beeswax candles because the soot in conventional candles can really smoke out a romantic moment. And use non-cloying scents, please — you’re going for sensual, not sensory overload.


My own BOHEME GREEN DREAM ROOM: antique furnishings including canopied bed, vintage Morrocan light fixture

3. Antiques. Furnishing a bedroom with something old is the ultimate in green decorating, since, may I point out, “virgin” doesn’t hold the same allure in wood as it does in a damsel. Reclaimed, refinished, distressed, weathered … by any other name, antiques have a way of infusing a comforting energy into a room. And you don’t have to go to a pricey antique store; I found my beloved ‘wabi sabi’ corner table on the street! In fact, I was running to a date all dressed up when I saw it; I had to lug this beaten-up (in just the right way) stool with me on the date and back to my apartment. It was love at first site — with the table, if not my date. The stool plays a key supporting role in my own BOHEME GREEN DREAM ROOM, a.k.a. the sexy eco love nest I gushed about above … which is filled with all-antique furniture including a canopied bed draped with lots of various fabrics.


Candles join a jade plant and Kwan Yin (compassion) statue atop my famous reclaimed ‘wabi sabi’ stool

4. A soulful soundtrack. I have a ’sexy groovy’ playlist on my iPod, so my sound dock (behind three beautiful potted plants) makes my space come alive with good vibes.

5. Some sexy lingerie in natural, eco-friendly fabrics, of course — as well as organic super-natural massage lotions (and lubricant). Share the love! A silk nightgown and robe is a natural-fabric option that’s relatively non-racy yet feels pretty darn sexy compared to flannel.

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  1. I’ve posted to our blog regarding sex and flooring because quite a few clients have asked some revealing questions over the years.
    Softness and cleanability seem to rank highest.
    Neat topic!

    chris | February 16th, 2009 | Comment Permalink
  2. These are very inspiring but how does one accomplish a sexy and/or zen-like atmosphere when the bedroom is taken over during the day by three cats and a yellow labrador retriever? We have three layers of protective covers just to TRY to keep the dog hair and smell from permeating our sheets.

    Bluecat | February 19th, 2009 | Comment Permalink

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