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5 Steps to Creating the Holiday of Your Dreams

Posted By Cynthia James On November 12, 2009 @ 4:53 pm In Personal Growth | 2 Comments

This is the time of year people are in the throes of preparing for the upcoming holidays. Travel plans, family gatherings and food preparations fill many conversations.

It is also a time for some that brings up anxiety [1]. The thought of being with family creates an inner dialogue that is focused on challenge, past chaotic experiences and dysfunctional interaction. It is so interesting to see how the past begins to color the future. Historic events and conditions create mind chatter [2] that can’t even entertain the possibility of harmony.

I am aware that the family of origin is not always the most loving or supportive. However, have you thought about the fact that you can set an intention [3] for this holiday to be the best you have ever had? Have you considered that you can “bring your best self” to each event? Have you contemplated “joyous interaction” as the outcome that you desire?

Why not start today? Why not declare and claim that this will be the best Thanksgiving [4] of your life? What if you remembered that you have the right to choose how you will interact with everyone? What if you remembered that you can create time to be with people that support, love and recognize you?

5 steps to the best holiday ever

You are not at the mercy of the past. You are a co-creator with Spirit, and this is the perfect time to “create the holiday of your dreams.” I invite you to do the following:

1. Write down your ideal Thanksgiving experience, and read it as often as feels comfortable.

2. Create a short affirmation that you can say everyday to support this vision.

3. In your quiet time, visualize the energy and environment that you are calling in.

4. Call a friend and share your vision, and ask them to support you in creating an incredible experience.

5. Calendar time with people you know will bring joy to this time of year.

Please know that you are powerful. If you start today, you can create a new and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday [5]. It will be new because you will bring the best part of you to the table.

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I set into motion a powerful intention for a joyous holiday experience. I see it! I claim it! It is done!

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