5 Secrets to Staying Fit on the Road

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istock_000007224629smallPeople always ask me about staying fit on the road. For many of us, traveling is part of the job; and with the spring break and summer travel seasons arriving, it’s a great time to share my travel workout secrets and tips. Here’s how to make sure your hard work at home doesn’t go by the wayside on the road:

1. Include workouts in your travel itinerary.

When we travel, we schedule … from airline reservations and rental cars, to hotel reservations and itineraries, every detail of the trip is planned well in advance. Why not schedule your workout too, like you do a meeting? Try to schedule exercise for first thing in the morning when you’re away from home, as travel often includes last-minute schedule changes or snafus that can ultimately interfere with an evening workout.

2. Plan HOW you will exercise on the road before you leave on the trip.

Resistance cords are versatile, lightweight and easy to pack

Resistance cords are versatile, lightweight and easy to pack

A little creativity can go a long way here. Call ahead and ask if there’s a workout room at your hotel and what kind of equipment is available. Once you know what the location has to offer, decide whether to take any portable equipment such as resistance bands, a travel fitness and yoga mat or a swimsuit. Also remember to bring your favorite workout DVD. You can play it on your computer and get your workout done right in your hotel room … I have a favorite Pilates DVD I do in my room before my workday begins.

3. Get rid of the all-or nothing attitude.

Foldable lightweight travel yoga mat from Gaiam

This foldable lightweight travel yoga mat from Gaiam goes right in your suitcase

If you miss your “scheduled” workout, don’t give up and skip the next few (or go hog-wild at the cocktail buffet!). A short workout is better than nothing. Do situps or yoga in your room. Or run up and down the stairs in the hotel a few times. Even 10 minutes makes a difference. Forget your DVDs? Grab your laptop and do a couple quick mini-workouts from the how-to videos at GaiamLife.

4. Remember your athletic shoes.

Your tennis shoes afford you a wealth of exercise possibilities — so don’t leave them behind when you travel. If you tend to pack one too many pairs of fashionable shoes, take one out to make room for your athletic shoes instead. Whenever I’m in a big city, I love taking a morning run up and down the streets before the foot traffic begins. You can even fit in a power walk around the airport during a long layover.

5. Pack healthy snacks & your water bottle.

Aluminum & steel reusable water bottles from Gaiam

Pack some granola bars, apples or almonds to enjoy on the plane or in your hotel room. They will tide you over until the next meal, and they will prevent any late-night trips to the vending machine for chips or afternoon excursions to the coffee shop for a pastry. And ALWAYS remember to bring your reusable water bottle. Water will help satisfy your hunger while keeping you hydrated.


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