4 Ways to Step into Spring Training

Chris Freytag by Chris Freytag | April 19th, 2010 | 1 Comment
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We have our first outdoor baseball park in Minneapolis this year (Go Twins!) so the city is abuzz about this year’s season. This year’s weeks of spring training was the highlight of most our newscasts. All the buzz got me thinking that baseball players aren’t the only ones who could use a little “spring training.” The winter season causes many of us to fall into a rut with our fitness routines. Now that the weather is clearing up around the country, people are getting outside more. And as you shed your winter wardrobe of bulky clothes, you may be in need of shedding some of those bulky pounds.

Here are some ideas to get your body moving again and amp up your workout this spring:

Start cross-training

If you’ve been doing the same routine all winter, then shake things up a bit. If you live in a climate with a cold winter, you may have become accustomed to your workout on the treadmill or elliptical machine, or maybe you do the same number of laps at the pool every day. Add some new types of activity to your routine to use your muscles in new ways and add some inspiration to your workouts. Add a tennis game to your routine each week or get back on that bike collecting dust in your garage.  Wake up your muscles by doing some strength training at the local park.

Invest in something new

I’m not talking about anything monumental. Perhaps a new set of dumbbells, a pedometer or a new pair of athletic shoes if you need them. It may provide you with a little extra excitement about sticking to your routine.  And remember it doesn’t need to be expensive. A new pair of running shorts or a great new sports bra can cost as little as $20 at many stores.

Make time for flexibility

You know that familiar picture of baseball players stretching on the field at spring training camp or at a game. Take their cue and renew your commitment this spring to your own flexibility.  Flexibility is something you don’t appreciate until you start to lose it. By improving your flexibility you will minimize your risk of injury and improve your all-over ability to move.  If you are already incorporating flexibility training, keep up the good work. If you aren’t, one of the best workouts for improving your flexibility is yoga. Yoga movements are gentle and deliberate and they teach you to pay attention to your posture, breathing and alignment. Find a sunrise yoga class outside this summer as the daylight is beginning earlier and earlier.

Find some teammates

Baseball players don’t train alone, they train as a team. It’s easier to get back in the swing of things with a group. Include some buddies in your own personal spring training for some added support and accountability and have some fun!


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