4 Ways to Get Enough Vitamin L

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I can remember the days when my multivitamins tasted like candy. It was an absolute pleasure to take those little Flintstone chewables every day in the hope of “growing strong bones,” as my dad used to put it. As I’ve gotten older, taking my daily vitamins is a sweet ritual that I have carried with me. I line them up and remember their purpose as I ingest each one. But this month, my focus has shifted. I’m not as concerned with my calcium supplementation or the millions of strands in my probiotic. I’m now interested in is a much more important vitamin, Vitamin L—Love.

The health of our bodies depends on what we put in it physically and what we put in it emotionally. The foods we eat, the supplements we take and the liquids we drink are often an easier, more tangible task for people to grab a hold of when they are trying to get healthy or stay healthy. The more subtle medicines, like positive thoughts and self-love, sometimes get placed on the back burner when they can be our most important allies on the quest for vitality and well being.

Cognitive neuroscience is a special area of study that connects psychology and neurology. It tells us that the relationship between mental processes and the health of our bodies go hand-in-hand. Neural pathways are created continually by the stories we tell ourselves. Our brains then transmit this information to our bodies, and our thoughts are manifested in our cells. The power of our thoughts isn’t just woo woo, it is scientifically proven to have an effect on us. What this tells us is that thinking positively is as important as “an apple a day.”

I find that most people I work with struggle with thoughts of self-love, and in turn struggle with love in their partnerships, love of their jobs and a general sense of love in the world. If this is you or someone you know, all you need is a little love supplementation. Every day for the rest of the month (or every day for the rest of forever), in the morning or at night—whatever time of day feels most sacred to you—take your daily dose of Vitamin L. This can look any way you would like; be creative.

4 Ideas for Ingesting Vitamin L

1. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, inside and out.

2. Meditate for 5 minutes on receiving and giving love.

3. Enjoy “love breaths”: breathing in love and breathing out everything that blocks love from your heart

4. Cook a meal where, with every ingredient you add and every turn of the spoon, you say a mantra for the love you are infusing into your meal.

So much love from my heart to yours!

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