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3 Ways to Make Time to Practice: Overcome Yoga Roadblocks, Part 2

Posted By Jill Miller On February 16, 2009 @ 9:32 am In Fitness, Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, Weight Loss, Yoga | No Comments

From Jill's Yoga for Weight Loss Kit DVD [1]

If quantity of time on your mat is an issue, then honor the time you do have by increasing the quality of your time on your mat. A hectic life can quickly spiral out of control unless your mind is given moments of pause. When it becomes necessary to “squeeze in” your practice time, condense the amount of time you spend in your poses but heighten the focus of your awareness into a laser-like intensity. Make every moment of your practice count, and you will feel that you have done enough.

In this part 2 in my Overcoming Yoga Roadblocks series [2], I want to share some easy ways to fit yoga in where you think you can’t.

3 Tips for Time-Challenged Yoga Lovers

2 Rounds of a 1 minute Boat Pose for Core Connecting [1]

2 Rounds of a 1 minute Boat Pose for Core Connection

1. If you absolutely have NO TIME, you can still do breathing practice. Commit to conscious, deep abdominal breathing during your day. Whether at your computer, with a client or sitting through a meeting, this will toggle your nervous system into the “rest and digest phase,” promoting an overall feeling of calm tranquility throughout the day.

2. If you have 10 minutes, choose 5 poses such as Boat Pose, Warrior 2, Twisted Warrior, Standing Backbend and a 1 minute seated meditation [3]. Use a timer and vow to remain completely present for them all!

Hold for 1 minute on each side to awaken your Warrior 1 legs. [1]

Warrior 2: Hold for 1 minute on each side to awaken your Warrior legs.

3. If you have 20 minutes, add in some core work [4] and a savasana [5] (see this helpful how-to video [5] [6]with tips on using a folded blanket as a prop). The core work will leave you energized and integrated, and the savasana will help your body and mind reset for the rest of your day.

Time is on your side if you choose to remain present. Forgive everyone around you for making demands on your time, but most of all, let go of your own personal need to GET IT ALL DONE RIGHT NOW.

2 rounds of Standing Backbend will "arrest" your awareness. [1]

2 rounds of Standing Backbend will "arrest" your awareness.

We all do our best work when we are not in a frenetic rush. When you work consciously at work, you become more conscientious, and THAT is a good start to your daily practice!

What are the chief complaints you have about your practice? Is there a way to use the negatives to see a bigger picture for personal growth [7] and evolving your practice [8]? Please share your personal stories and comments below.

Stay tuned for Part 3 …


Check out Jill’s Yoga for Weight Loss Workout Kit [9] from Gaiam and her related post How Can ‘Om’ing and Bending Help You Lose Weight? [10]

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