3 Ways to Kick Up Your Workout Routine for Fall

Chris Freytag by Chris Freytag | August 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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It’s back-to-school season again! Whether or not you are a parent, we can all conjure up those back-to-school feelings. It’s a time that symbolizes a fresh start, a new routine. It’s natural chance to change things up and get creative with your workout — or get back into a healthy routine and set some new goals? And if you have no routine currently, it’s a perfect time to make that leap. Feel the energy in the air to dig in and get going!

Look for new fitness classes starting in fall

Many new fitness classes start up in the fall, and gyms offer back-to-school specials. If you already have a good fitness routine, why not take this opportunity to add something new — we can all benefit from some new energy, and adding a new kind of workout or technique to your routine is a proven way to boost fitness results or break through a weight loss plateau.

That’s one reason I keep things interesting by changing things up with my fitness-class students and personal training clients, too. I like to vary my schedule every season — teaching different formats, switching times around and shaking it up a bit. I’m like a kid in a candy store trying to pick which flavor class I want to teach and when!

Put workouts into your day by putting them in your day planner!

I hear many women at the health club right now talking about their fall workout schedules based on school bus times, carpools, work and volunteer programs. I too am planning my fall schedule, and as usual, the school year brings crazy schedules in my household with three kids at different schools with all different bus routes. But my husband and I are going through our schedules and planning so we can cover each other and still fit in our workouts and workdays. You can do it too!!

Could your workout routine use some back-to-school clothes?

Why not go back-to-school shopping for yourself too? It doesn’t need to be anything expensive — maybe a pair of hand weights you’ve been meaning to get for home, or new workout clothes or athletic shoes you’ve needed. If a little colorful or better-fitting new fitness wear is going to rev you up to get moving, it is worth the investment!

… So get going, give your routine a kick in the pants, and get started on the first day of school. Take advantage of this symbolic time when you can begin a new routine and then stick with it!

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  1. Great article. I always love to get new workout clothes, because that helps give me motivation to get out on a run or get to the gym to wear my new activewear.

    Anonymous | October 19th, 2010 | Comment Permalink

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