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3 Ways to End This Year with Grace

Posted By Cynthia James On December 9, 2009 @ 7:01 pm In Personal Growth | 2 Comments

As I move into the ending of this year, I am filled with such a sense of wonder and expectancy. I stand in perfect gratitude for all that has transpired and give thanks [1] for my willingness to grow.

I went to an annual “High Tea” with some ladies who I love, and we shared our gratitude for the year and what we were opening to in the new year. We came up with three things that we wanted to carry forward.

1. Be open

What we expect manifests. What we “see” becomes a reality. What we seek finds us. We all want to love and be loved, to understand and be understood, to give and receive, and to be held in the highest regard. That means that we must be open to receive the infinite grace and goodness of the Universe in every situation.

When we start focusing on prosperous and abundant living [2], everything shifts. We move into a state of awe and wonder — just like children. We become excited about what is coming, and we look for it. We stand in a place of knowing that whatever is unfolding is for our good. From that kind of consciousness, the Universe responds to our attention. We begin to experience more unexpected good than we could possibly imagine.

2. Be available

In every moment, there is the opportunity to stand in a place of joyous living. This is especially important during the holidays [3] when we are with family and friends. If we have changed or are in the process of changing, it may be difficult for others to accept the “new you.” They may want you to stay in the old dance of relating. They may work to trigger you into old behavior and activate your inner judge.

Judgment operates a lens of perception that engages our inner critic and invites the ego to move into a dominant space of fear [4] and separation. We look at the world from the “half empty” perspective and create barriers to happiness [5] and peace [6].

Joy is a natural state of being. It is the essence of who we are. If you look at children, they naturally laugh and play without any apparent reason. What if we were available for amazing joy [7] filling every aspect of our living experience.

3. Be willing

Every moment is an opportunity to grasp the enormity of the wonderful things that exist in our lives. Flowers, trees, birds, children, friends, food, breathing, walking, seeing, rain and snow are constant reminders of God’s incredible gifts. Allow yourself to be immersed in the knowledge that you are alive and surrounded by grace. Your willingness, even to be willing, will open a portal of grand experience and joyful expression.

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I claim a powerful ending to this year. I am open, available and willing for unexpected good to flood every area of my life.

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